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Hypnosis a solution to rewriting your Past

So often people carry their life story around with them like an energy sapping burden. They identify with the pain, trauma, drama and fears from their past to dictate their present life. This drains all the colour and joy from their present lives. Furthermore holding them back every time they want to progress in life.

Can our history be changed? Most definitely Yes!

Hypnosis  allows you to travel vertically down through time and rewrite the effect traumatic memories have upon you.  It is possible to go back to that traumatic experience that’s encoded in cellular memory and release the trapped, blocked emotion around it. In releasing the very emotions that needed to be expressed at that past time (but were suppressed instead), you free the magnetic charge that was trapped in that memory.. Hypnosis a solution to rewriting your Past


This can be done in several different ways – by Cutting the Ties that Bind from a past person or situation.  In releasing the very emotions that needed to be expressed at that past time but which we suppressed. With the intention to be set free, a powerful dynamic occurs. Far from simply reliving the past  you are releasing the emotional charge of blocked energy around it.

By crying the tears, expressing the anger and even venting the hatred from those past experiences, you free up energy from the cells of your body.

You  will still have the memory, but it in a diminished capacity. Finally relegating it to a distant memory. This works even with a whole set on recurring experiences, releasing the emotional charge, allowing the blocked feelings and the sensations changing in the body to be consequently lighter.  In this way, you can neutralise and change the way you remember your past.

Time truly has no dominion – we are masters of our own destiny.  We can rewrite our history. 

Observing oneself instead of blaming another

When two people come together there is initially the exciting “honeymoon” period when they’re getting to know each other. However, after a few months (or even mere weeks), the gloss diminishes and the deeper aspects of each begin to surface. But how many realise that relationships for spiritual growth can be a very dynamic way to develop.

Basically, we bring to every relationship, romantic or otherwise, all the unresolved baggage from our own past.

Healing Relationships with Eugenie Heraty Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

The more intimate the relationship, the more of our fears, anger or insecurities from the past will surface – rising up from our own deeper layers. Sadly many potentially great relationships flounder at this stage where each person stands either side of a great emotional mess pointing the accusatory finger at the other.

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Releasing Thought Rocks from Conception to Birth – Letting go of old Fears

From the moment of conception, the developing foetus is being prepared for the world it will be born into. During the 9 months of gestation in the womb, we are profoundly affected by our mother’s (and our father’s) mood, emotion and attitude to life. In this way, the newborn baby is then ready to face the life situation and environment it will be arriving into. Mindful pregnancy profoundly affects the unborn child.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is for a pregnant woman to frequently send loving thoughts to the tiny embryo growing within her. This is far more important than planning the baby’s bedroom decor or buying baby clothes. Without exception, the pregnant women I’ve worked with say how responsive and alert their infant was as a direct result of tuning into to him/her when they were in the womb. Why is this? Because they’ve grown to associate their mother’s (and father’s) voice sending them love, warmth and a huge welcome.

So, blessed are the babies who are wanted and warmly welcomed by both parents. This profoundly affects their development in the womb and even helps their brain chemistry to connect in more dynamic ways.

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One stormy day recently, I heard a loud thump as if something had been thrown against the window. When I looked there was a female blackbird lying upside-down with her little head bent back beneath her body. I ran outside and very gently picked her up. I was delighted to see her neck wasn’t broken and a few moments later, she moved her wings. Incredible that she wasn’t dead. I quickly found her a sheltered nook out of the wind. Watching her slowly recover, I was delighted to see her fly away about 30 minutes later. The point of this story is that

Opening the Heart can occur when we least expect it

While I held her warm body in my hands, when I felt her beating heart – the very aliveness of her, I felt so much tenderness and compassion towards this tiny creature. There is great fulfilment in rescuing and nurturing a small helpless creature. Experiencing tenderness truly opens the heart.
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The following is an amusing analogy that I came across some years ago – I don’t know who wrote it, but it illustrates how taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions opens out our life to new horizons of possibility:

I walk down the street – there’s a huge hole ahead. I fall in.

I rant and rave; “poor me”, “who made this wretched hole“, “how could this happen to me”. I yell and scream and demand that someone pulls me out. “I’m a poor helpless victim – it’s nothing to do with me”. I wait for someone else to pull me out.
It takes a long, long time, but finally someone comes to helps me out

I walk down the street – there’s the same huge hole ahead. I FALL IN!!!

I shout and scream: “Why me”, “They should know better than leaving this hole here”, “How am I going to get out of here?”
“What do I need to do to get myself out?”
I finally work my own way out

I walk down the street – there’s the SAME hole again. I see it, but I fall in anyway!

I’m really fed up with myself, but this time it’s different. I ask myself; “How can I get myself out”? “What did I do to end up down here AGAIN”, “How can I become more aware for the next time”
It doesn’t take so long this time, because I remember how I got myself out before

I walk down the street – there’s a huge hole ahead. I SEE THE HOLE – I walk around the hole.

I walk down another street