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Hypnosis gently bypasses the controlling, analytical mind and allows access to the deeper layers of the subconscious where we store our habitual responses to life. In helping us to become conscious of the underlying causes of our behaviour, we are then in a position to make dynamic and lasting changes. We then have CHOICE in how we respond to the challenges in our lives.

Psychotherapy and Counselling


If we suffered trauma as small children, often the only way we could defend ourselves against abusive people or situations was to block them from our awareness: we tense our muscles, hold our breath and block out our surroundings.

Cognitive Behaviour Techniques


Self awareness – developing “The Observer”
Where thought goes, energy follows.

If we have a constant dialogue running at the back of our mind telling us how hopeless we are or how awful life is, those thoughts will have a considerable drain on our energy, leaving us feeling fearful, anxious or depressed. These thoughts directly affect our mood, our self image and our relationship to others. We then unconsciously attract more negative situations and people into our life.

Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships

We often attract people who on some level resonate with us even if our outer personalities appear completely different. Lasting change occurs as a result of facing our fears and resolving our pain. WE are the only ones who can do this. However facing the potential minefield of our own unexplored emotions can seem a very daunting task. The process of self healing can be greatly accelerated by an experienced therapist who is trained to see areas of vulnerability and to give guidance past the ego’s tricks that try to put both blame and solutions outside of yourself.