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I’ve just listened to a wonderful inspirational video by Foster Gamble, created of the Thrive documentary. In his blog “Upbeat Evolutionary Perspective Thriving” at around 37 minutes he answers a question about how he deals with his inner conflicts. His reply is so clear, simple and enlightened, it is obvious he has done a lot of work on himself. I believe it is also offers a profound insight into dealing with depression.

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There is a highly effective technique that I frequently use for generating positive outcomes when I feel I’m going to be challenged by a person or situation. This is to simply visualise a Ray of Light shining upon the future event to generate a “Win-Win” situation for all concerned. Many of us face potentially stressful encounters with others; job interviews, business meetings, a confrontation with a friend or family member So much can potentially go wrong! In wanting to clear up a misunderstanding, we can’t find the right…