Healing Relationships

Leaf curled up representing anxiety and panic attacks

We often attract people who on some level resonate with us even if our outer personalities appear completely different. The more out of touch we are with our true nature, the more likely it is that we’ll attract a partner who is equally unaware of themselves. One person’s unfinished business erupts to clash with the other’s: unresolved jealousies, anger, or grudges from the past, all emerge to haunt them and create even more problems.

While this applies to all partnerships, it is most prevalent in intimate relationships.

Even more disappointment and disillusionment occurs if we expect the other to fill the empty places within us, to “make me feel happy” or “take away my pain”.

Lasting change occurs as a result of facing our fears and resolving our pain. WE are the only ones who can do this. However facing the potential minefield of our own unexplored emotions can seem a very daunting task. The process of self healing can be greatly accelerated by an experienced therapist who is trained to see areas of vulnerability and to give guidance past the ego’s tricks that try to put both blame and solutions outside of yourself.

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