Connection to Self & Distance Work

An intrinsic part of the day, is being outside in the healing energy of nature.

Self Acceptance and the Key to Profound Healing

When we find ways to create peace and self acceptance within, our outer lives and relationships become healed and transformed.

In discovering what prevents us from accepting ourselves, we open the way to profound self healing. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy empower this vital connection by giving relaxation to the body and clarity to the mind.

Upon releasing long held trauma we uncover our true inner nature and set free an enormous amount of energy that can then be used in more fulfilling activities.

Self Acceptance

My psychotherapy practice is in Co Meath, Ireland. I also work with clients throughout Ireland, UK and the Channel Islands via Skype and phone. The beauty of working with Quantum Healing, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is that they are not limited by distance and are equally effective whether the person is present or in another country.

Discover My Meditative Guide to Nurture Your Inner Body

Part Two of My Relaxation Guided Meditations.

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2 Comments on “Connection to Self & Distance Work

  1. I live in the United States. Las Vegas, actually. I am grateful that I found your website. My 62 birthday is approaching and your articles are spot on. I don’t remember my childhood, but at 12 I learned I had multiple personality.
    Since then I’ve tried to heal myself or fight against my inner sabatore.

    I did everything imaginable. Therapy, hypnotherapy, psychics, rebirthing, cognitive Therapy. A ton of self help books of all kind.

    I am in therapy and just realizing I had no love, support, and my childhood needs were never met. I am a widow and I used the last five years to face my innerself.

    It has been good for me. My life has opened up and I am focusing on taking care of me. I am focusing on not being a caregiver to others only myself which is new for me. I no longer fight against myself and just accept that a large part of my innerself hates me and wishes it were dead.

    I know that my self concept is based an outdated self image. I listen to my negative programming and I tell it I support you but I no longer believe that about myself.

    Your articles have validated my thoughts on self healing. The hardest thing is accepting that my patents loved me but couldn’t give me the love and support I needed. I am learning to love and support myself.

    I know I have several defensive mechanisms but I am aware that my innerself or mind was splintered as a kid and that the abuse had to be bad for my mind to shatter. I still disassociate but I am more aware of it.

    I am sorry to have disclosed so much but your website has bolstered my self esteem just by confirming that my innerself was deeply wounded. I like your theories about inner healing.

    Thank you for allowing the public access to your therapeutical techniques.

    • Many thanks Florence for your deep honesty and courage in revealing so openly your huge life challenges.
      I hope your comment encourages others to also share their thoughts and feelings on my website.
      I’m so happy my article helps you and I sincerely hope that your healing journey continues with in strength.

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