Creating Optimum Health

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There is a universal life principle that causes embryos to turn into babies, seeds to blossom into trees and flowers and galaxies to revolve around one another. This same blessed wisdom resides within every cell of our body. With a little support from us, we can uncover the body‘s great wisdom in creating optimum health.  We can greatly help the body to rebalance and detoxify itself.

However, the greatest healer of all is the right mental and emotional attitude and that is peacefulness of mind.

So, unburdened by fear and tension, the body already knows how to heal itself.

Blessing Water – Thanking our Bodies

Dr Masaru Emoto through his inspired experiments with water crystals proved that when we bless water it forms itself into beautiful geometric crystals. Of the four elements, water is the most receptive to benevolent thought.

Our bodies contain 75% water; imagine how we could transform ourselves by blessing the water within our own bodies!

We constantly underestimate our own wonderful potential. For example, the mind is so much more powerful than we realise. However, when our busy surface mind vacillates from one lightweight thought to another, not much of real value can be accomplished.

Creating Optimum Health

The Power of Imagination & Intuition for Optimum Health

But imagine what could happen if we could combine the enormous power of our imagination and intuition, with a clear image of optimum health. We could magnetise abundant well-being into our lives. And in the process, not only discard old negative beliefs that no longer serve us – but actively create a whole new set of beliefs that uphold the reality of joy and fulfilment.

Scientists have shown that our bodies are constantly renewing themselves at an incredible rate. To mention a few examples:

  • Every year our body replaces 98 % of all its atoms
  • Roughly every 6 months we have a new biological body – every cell is renewed.
  • Every month we create a completely new skin
  • Imagine that every 5 days we actually create a new stomach lining.

Given these phenomenal changes, we ought to be able to completely transform ourselves in a few months!

So why then do we still go on re-creating the same illnesses, the same emotional traumas the same weaknesses year in year out?

Eavesdropper Cells & Neural Nets

We bring this about precisely because of our thoughts and beliefs about illness. Passing through the brain and constantly surveying our every thought and belief are little white cells of the immune system. Through the action of what Dr Deepak Chopra calls these “eavesdropper cells“, neural nets are formed in the brain and become hard wired into place by strongly held beliefs. These neural nets then cause the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the brain to go on creating the same chemicals that produce the same results within the body. And so the tissues and cells respond and obey the dictates of our beliefs. Because our bodies directly respond to what we think they will blindly follow the programs we feed them from the mind.

Reinforcing the Belief of Illness

For example, have you ever noticed how some people repeatedly affirm how sick they are: “I’m bound to catch that flu going around”, or “It’s my weak digestion acting up – it runs in the family”. If much of our energy and attention is constantly flowing into the belief and mindset of illness, then we end up creating the very illnesses we believe in.

Where thought goes, energy follows.

“Hey, immune system – remember she believes you’re weak so don’t bother to fight this one”. Imagine if we affirmed the exact opposite “I’ve got a great immune system, I haven’t been sick in years – I never seem to catch others’ bugs”

Where thought goes, energy follows - Create Your Optimum Health

Where Thought Goes, Energy Follows

To radically change our health, we need to examine and change the narrow conditioned beliefs we may hold. We need to ask ourselves: “From where do these beliefs originate? Are they really my beliefs or where they passed on to me by someone else, my parents, siblings or teachers? Do these beliefs serve me NOW?”
Check out my next set of posts for more insights.


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