Dealing with Depression

The link between Buried Emotions and Dealing with Depression depicted with an image of a couple with one giving the other a shoulder to lean on.

I once listened to a wonderfully inspirational video by Foster Gamble, created for the Thrive documentary. In his blog “Upbeat Evolutionary Perspective Thriving” at around 37 minutes he answers a question about how he deals with his inner conflicts. His reply is so clear, simple and enlightened, it is obvious he has done a lot of work on himself. I believe it also offers a profound insight into dealing with depression.

Uncovering of Buried Emotions

He says that often the original emotion experienced is fear – experienced in the gut.. So often, we have such resistance to this emotion and sensation that we choke it back, we deny it. The emotional charge trapped behind this blocked emotion then rises to the heart region where it is experienced as grief. If we suppress and choke down the grief it will then move to become suppressed in the head. This is experienced as anger. When we finally deny, control and suppress this anger, it moves right out into the energy field and manifests as Depression.

Every one of my life defining moments was shaped by finally overcoming my fears and embracing my own deepest wounds.

I had to overcome SO MUCH RESISTANCE in order to bring my awareness right back into the nub of what I was feeling. I had to undo all the times I decided “I don’t want to feel this” and then open up to really feel it. But what a big relief it is to finally cry out the tears of anguish, fear and loss – so profoundly cathartic!
When I use the energy technique Discharge of Neural Aspects I always encounter this uncovering of buried emotions, one emotion always revealing another one buried deeper within the system. Anger and grief always emerge, and when fear emerges, I know we’re reaching the real core of the issue.
Such a shame that so many people run from their wounds/fears – if only they could realise how profoundly fulfilling, freeing and exciting it is to come home to their true selves.

Listen to the interview with Foster Gamble on Upbeat Evolutionary Perspective on Thriving

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