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Healing Methods

Reiki Treatment

banner3_6Reiki is an ancient form of healing that was introduced to the West by Dr Mikao Usui. I use this wonderful therapy throughout my hypnotherapy sessions.  It is possible to “stream” energy to another – sending them healing energy in a continuous stream from one’s hands. This “energy feed” then greatly helps them focus and concentrate while under hypnosis.  Many clients report feeling cocooned and insulated in a very supportive way.

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I also give Reiki session as a stand alone treatment.  There are two ways to enjoy this session:

  • To simply lie back and allow the mind to drift off, even to sleep if needed
  • To very actively follow the sensations in the body and focus more deeply within.  I then use healing visualisation to empower the cathartic/release process

Cutting the Ties that Bind

about4_31I frequently use this wonderful technique in relationship work. It was created by psychotherapist and author Phyllis Krystal.

Unconditional love doesn’t create any ties, conditions or expectations from one person to the other.

Unfortunately love that is unconditional is a rarity. Many people carry the scars of an overprotected or over-controlled childhood.  To them, love was conditional upon pleasing the parent. Often “love” or recognition is only given when children behave in a certain way.  They only become seen and acknowledged when they conform.  This creates emotional scars and constricting ties.  Inevitably their behaviour later in life will be negatively  impacted.

“Love” is often confused with need.  Because of this, one person in a partnership may try to manipulate the other for their own selfish ends.

In this way constricting binds and conditions are imposed.  These binds prevent people from living their own lives, making their own decisions and finding their own destiny.

Release these manipulative controls that were imposed upon you by others.  Above all, set yourself free from your own buried feelings of anger, hopelessness or rage.

Intellectual knowledge while helpful doesn’t actually change your outer behaviour. Lasting change can only occur when there is a dynamic change within the physical body – a change that you can physically feel.

In cutting the ties that bind you will release the actual sensations of tightness, pain, tension etc. trapped within your body.

Quantum Psychology – Discharge of Neural Aspects

about4_22It has been proven that we use only 10% of our brain capacity.  By using this dynamic healing modality I have developed access to areas of the brain that are normally dormant.  This then enables me to achieve a greatly enhanced overview of the problem. By this means, it is possible to observe how deeply rooted blockages have been created in the past.  I then use focused energy transmission to neutralise these blockages and enable their release.

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