Rain drops on rope

Cutting the Ties that Bind

I frequently use this wonderful technique in relationship work. It was created by psychotherapist and author Phyllis Krystal.


Unconditional love doesn’t create any ties, conditions or expectations from one person to the other.

Unfortunately love that is unconditional is a rarity. Many people carry the scars of an overprotected, over-controlled childhood where love was conditional upon pleasing their parents or guardians.

Many people also suffer the negative effects of a relationship where again, “love” was given if they behaved in a certain way. In these instances, “love” is confused with need where one person in the relationship, acting from their pain, will try to manipulate the other for their own selfish ends. In this way constricting binds and conditions are imposed that stop people from living their own lives, making their own decisions and finding their own destiny.

In these instances, there are energetic ropes like chords between the two people – chords that literally bind both people and prevent them from moving forward with their own life. A psychic clairvoyant would literally “see” these chords!

The technique “Cutting the Ties that Bind” is a dynamic and highly focused way of severing these constrictions in a way that gives more freedom and independence to both parties.

Counselling both partners separately in a deadlocked relationship, can give wonderful results when this technique is used. They are then able to move on and experience broader horizons and a greater autonomy in their lives.