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Quantum Healing

Discharge of Neural Aspects

It has been proven that we use only 10% of our brain capacity. With this dynamic healing modality the therapist accesses areas of the brain that are normally dormant. Using highly developed intuitive skills and entering a deeply focused state, the therapist achieves a greatly enhanced overview of the problem. By this means, it is possible to observe how deeply rooted blockages have been created in the past and, using focused energy transmission, to neutralise these blockages and enable their release.

   Quantum Healing - Discharge of Neural Aspects

We store our emotional experiences in cellular memory.

Often it is very difficult to release and let go of traumatic events from our past. This therapy works by bringing an energetic charge direct to the very core of the cellular imbalance; thereby releasing dysfunctional attitudes and patterns from the past. This then creates a much greater insight and understanding in our lives.

There are two treatments

– the Basic Session which clears the way for the Advanced Session.

The Basic Session:

Clears blockages from conception to our present age and greatly helps us become more grounded and balanced in our lives. Often we lose energy when we’re around stressful people and situations. Among other things, the Basic session helps insulate us against this energy drain thereby keeping our energy field protected.

This Basic Session is a once off session.
The cost of a Basic Coaching Session is: Euros 80

The Advanced Session:

Works more deeply into the system working with Family Constellations and the influences we’ve inherited genetically, not only from our parents, but from our ancestors. It releases blockages and influences from our entire energy field connecting us back to our true inner nature that is joyful, creative, loving and wise.

You can have several Advanced Sessions
Cost of an Advanced Coaching Session: Euros 120

Quantum Physchoptherpy

What is DofNA – Discharge of Neural Aspects?


Discharge of Neural Aspects is based on a scientific Quantum Theory in relation to:

  • The knowledge of the holographic universe
  • How energy works
  • The functioning of the brain
  • How we can attract unwanted disharmonic energies

DofNA practitioners work from the principle that we all have the potential to create and to manifest.

Every thought (which is formed by consciousness and energy) puts something into motion and creates a manifestation. Where thought goes, energy follows! This means that everything is created from consciousness and energy. It therefore follows, that we all create our own reality.

We therefore need to move away from all dogmas that state that we become a better person through suffering and humility. Instead, we need to take full responsibility for our problems here and now in the present, rather than blaming them on people or events from our past. The DofNA treatments greatly empower and accelerate this entire process.

The Power of DofNA

The power of DofNA lies in the therapist’s ability to move through several layers of consciousness in order to become a total observer. This is the root of current psychology – observing the “energy field” that underlies emotional traumas and blockages. From this detached, non-judgemental vantage point, we can then form a complete picture of how deeply rooted blockages have been created.

We use techniques that can neutralise the blockages created by traumatic experiences. By creating a healing catharsis or release you then gain a greater depth of insight into your life situation – a greater space and clarity through which it then becomes easier for you to transform attitudes and patterns from the past.

As a DofNA practitioner, we use other senses – that go beyond the logical mind.

While cognitive therapy provides clarity, often the energetic charge of an emotional blockage remains trapped in the system on the level of cellular memory. True catharsis and release can only be reached by looking a little further…

A DofNA basic coaching session will last between 1 and 1 ½ hours. The DofNA practitioner will shift from their own Observing Power/Higher Self to tune into the Observing power/Higher Self of their client. The client’s Observing Power/Higher Self knows exactly where the emotional blockages are in their system. The DofNA therapist has been trained to be able to read and interpret this. The information about the emotional trauma is drawn up to the surface; is “charged” by the DofNA therapist, this then facilitates its release and “discharge”. The therapist then translates and explains what they observe to the client.

How does it work?

Every emotional blockage carries a “charge”.


In the same way as electric circuitry contains a plus and a minus charge, our emotional blockages also carry a charge that is part of a polarity between plus and minus.

With DofNA, we use techniques to merge this plus and minus together thereby creating neutral “free” space. This free space brings us a much greater degree of detachment which allows us to change our behavioural patterns and attitudes more easily and naturally.

The Observing Power is also referred to as the Zero-point in Quantum Physics. Time, distance and space do not exist there. This means that, from the vantage of this Zero Point, we can put something in motion immediately and directly. The transformation which has been put in motion directly from the Observing Zero Point, can then become manifested directly.