Two people standing on tree log grounding in nature for Self healing and Growth. .

I attended this day with an open mind, deciding to go with the flow.  Boy did it flow!! I loved how from the outset, the day began with grounding me in Mother Nature, something that reminded me to continue this as a daily ritual. Thank you Eugenie for that golden nugget. Throughout the day the feeling of connection with the group felt extremely uplifting, even though we were all attending for our own reasons. The feeling of Gratitude and Unity was almost tangible. The power of the group’s togetherness, on a mission of self healing and growth, permeated the entire day. I am unable to describe the day in detail as it needs to be experienced to be understood.  What I can say is that I left at the end of the day feeling connected to the universe, knowing at a much deeper level that the universe and I are one. What more could a girl ask for!!

Love and Light.

Sharon Author Healing Seminar, Co Meath, Ireland February 14, 2022

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One Day Healing Seminar Duleek Co Meath Ireland

The Seminar on Saturday was just such a fantastic day - thank you so much. You did an amazing job. I am so thankful I attended as I feel like a different person today. If only we all tuned in like we did yesterday, we’d be living in a different world. As always you have reminded me of what’s truly important in life and I am so grateful. 

Trish F Registered General Nurse Healing Seminar November 2, 2021

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Anxiety and Sadness

I am very grateful to Eugenie for all her help and support. I am doing well in my life now. Having had a stroke, my emotions were up in the air, with anxiety and sadness dominating my days. Gently and supportively Eugenie used her many therapeutic skills to bring peace and contentment into my life.   

Jim Site Engineer, Dublin Therapeutic Healing January 28, 2020

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Shamanic Illumination Session with Eugenie Heraty Co Meath

I normally consider myself as having a very busy mind. However, during both the Shamanic Illumination session and the Reiki treatment afterwards, my mind was completely clear and silent. It was a heavenly experience.  I felt it was really good for my body.  I’ve never felt so much joy just listening to the birds and feeling the heat from the Reiki healing energy passing through me. 

Maria S. - Co Clare Educator & Performance Artist Shamanic Illumination Session, Co Meath, Ireland June 18, 2019

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Eugenie is wonderful! She’s empathetic and able to respond in a variety of different ways, using a variety of different approaches and tools. Eugenie is very intuitive and sensitive to my needs from session to session, knowing when to give me space and when to encourage me toward the harder-to-face issues. I find she really connects with me during the sessions and can bring humour into the process where appropriate.

Sybil Dublin Psychotherapy May 13, 2019

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Child hugging dog

When I came to see Eugenie at first, I felt so much fear and panic.  Suicidal thoughts haunted me.  However Eugenie helped me enormously to release these fears from my childhood and begin to take action in my life to heal my relationships.  My life is now freed from this awful anxiety.  Even my health problems cleared up as a result of our work together.  I would recommend her highly.

Harry Truck Driver, Dublin Quantum Healing - DofNA December 5, 2018

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Links of a large chain

I went to see Eugenie. I found her to be excellent. Her hypnosis & psychotherapy sessions are amazing.  I personally have had great results and I'm delighted to recommend Eugenie. She was so helpful, understanding, empathic and friendly.  It didn't feel like I was having counselling because she made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  I feel so grateful to her for all the changes that have happened in my life.

Bernadette Co Meath Hypnosis Co Meath, Ireland August 12, 2018

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Globe with pins stuck in it

Eugenie greatly helped me to believe in myself and to become much more relaxed and natural with people. In fact after working with Eugenie, I was so calm and confident at a very important job interview - I got the job! A big thank you Eugenie

J. O'Sullivan System Analyst, Co Dublin Self Confidence Healing Session October 6, 2018

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Cutting Ties that Bind

Working with Eugénie has changed my life. Firstly we worked on the cutting of cords between myself and another person whom I wanted to get out of my thoughts. It was so interesting – there were so many different types of connections that bound us together and when they were gone the thoughts dissolved and disappeared with the stress that went with them.

Then Eugénie did quantum healing work with me - initially on imbalances created from birth to the present and later on emotional issues which seem to have been handed down to me by my ancestors. This was an amazing experience and as the healing took place, it helped me to understand myself on a much deeper level - where I had come from.

Finally we worked on those deep fears which lie where people don't want to go. This was so illuminating and so worthwhile for me and, in the end, not frightening at all. The interesting thing was I did not really know what I was afraid of and why (before I started).

It is also very useful that Eugénie can do her work distantly.

Elanor Ashworth Hampshire, UK Cutting the Ties that Bind July 9, 2017

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Person walking down country lane

Dear Eugenie, thank you so much for the guidance and insights that you have given me. I knew, before I came to you for assistance, that the answer to my problems were inside my own mind but you gave me the key to unlocking those solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending you as a therapist to those people who are willing to take responsibility for their own future happiness; it is not an easy journey but it is a very fulfilling one and without Eugenie's assistance I feel that I would have lost my way and reverted to old habits and unhappiness.

Lu Roberts Essex, UK Stress Management July 9, 2017

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Close up of yellow flower

Eugenie helped me gain a far greater depth of confidence in myself and to greatly improve the way I relate to others. In sloughing off all the old negative conditioning from my past, I felt greatly empowered to make important changes in my life. I found her guidance, empathy and patience invaluable in getting me through a very difficult period in my life.

Sam Roze Complementary Practitioner, Guernsey, UK Confidence & Self Esteem July 9, 2016

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Filement in light bulb

I referred my 6 year old daughter to Eugenie for a DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects) treatment. She had suffered a loss of confidence over a period of about 1 year. She had previously been a very outgoing confident little girl. The DofNA session was so successful that I noticed positive changes within 2 days. Around 3 weeks later a teacher in her school affirmed this, saying that she now seemed a very different girl and had returned to her former happy, outgoing nature. In fact she was having a lot of fun.

Dawn Renolds Mother & Housewife, Guernsey Quantum Healing - DofNA July 9, 2016

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Silhouette of woman from behind

I was referred to Eugenie by a good friend who had also been greatly helped by her. I didn’t know what to expect but even at our first meeting Eugenie was clearly in a far superior league to other therapists I had seen. I say this because Eugenie uses techniques that are both spiritually uplifting and psychologically freeing. I found her very sincere and authentic. There was never a facade between us during my sessions and she works with real compassion and tenderness.
I came to Eugenie feeling very confused about my life’s direction. I also suffered from depression and social anxiety, feeling very lonely, despite being around friends and family. After the first few sessions I felt a very different connection to other people. I also felt much more confident and clear about my boundaries. During my sessions with Eugenie I successfully came off anti-depressants which I had taken for several years.
I am now a very different person to the one I was when I first came to see Eugenie in October 2009.

JH Oxford Graduate, Accountant, UK Treatment for Depression and Social Anxiety July 9, 2015

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Couple standing at water edge

Eugenie has helped me face my fears and vulnerabilities. The inner child transformation work we did is allowing me to feel so much more safe and calm. Certain people and situations don't intimidate me any more. When I started therapy with Eugenie I was scared to face my buried fears but the further we progressed, the easier work became. My friends have noticed a positive change in me.

A.K. Businessman Co Meath, Ireland Inner Child Healing January 12, 2018

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Vintage Car Image representing Shaping a Higher Destiny Workshop by Mark Motor Mechanic

Eugenie is not your average Psychotherapist. She goes against the grain. I’ve been doing some one to one work with Eugenie which I’m finding extremely insightful, productive and helpful. When the opportunity arose to attend her “Shaping a Higher Destiny” workshop I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t disappointed with my decision. Being late to my first workshop wasn’t a great start for a man full of anxiety but as the day progressed, I let go of my anxiety and nervousness and I got in touch with Nature, my own feelings and emotions. Thank you Eugenie and Peter for welcoming me into your fabulous home, I felt welcome from the moment I walked in the door. I will continue my work with Eugenie as I find her extremely helpful, my journey has become less daunting as a result of the work we have done. 

Mark Motor Mechanic Shaping a Higher Destiny Workshop May 18, 2022

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Inner child meditation image depicting a balancing rock formation

I just want to thank yourself and Peter for a wonderful day. I found the whole day very inspirational and enjoyed meeting like minded people. I particularly enjoyed the inner child meditation. Your meditation has helped me to love and take care of myself and connect to my inner child.  I really feel I’m progressing on my spiritual path. My relationship with my mother is improving all the time, thanks to you. I wish you every success in the future 

Briege Healing Seminar February 14, 2022

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Meditations to Soothe the Mind and Relax the Body

Eugenie’s incredible workshop was so full of love and open-heartedness.  It was evident that everyone received so much healing, in whatever form they needed. Eugenie’s willingness to share her own experiences made it safe for everyone to enter into their own vulnerabilities. She certainly has what it takes to bring people into their centre of silence where their own divine light resides. 🙏🙏🙏

I came away feeling clear, focused and calm - very powerful stuff indeed. I know what I have to do now going forward in my life. 

Michelle C - Co Cavan School Teacher, Healer, Shaman Healing Workshop in Co Meath November 2, 2021

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An intrinsic part of the day, is being outside in the healing energy of nature.

Eugenie leads her workshop with such warmth, authenticity and love that you are immediately wrapped in a cloak of wellbeing from the moment you arrive. The work brings you on a journey of self-healing which reaches right down to your core limitations and ultimately brings you to a place of self-acceptance. An intrinsic part of the day is being outside in the Healing Energy of Nature: grounding under the trees and doing various breathing exercises.  You come back indoors feeling totally peaceful and connected to your body. Eugenie doesn’t back away from engaging in the work herself either, letting her own fragility and fears show in a manner that is truly inspiring. A day filled with peace, calm and deep healing. Greatly helped by Peter’s hospitality, warmth and delicious food. Thank you so much Eugenie and Peter 

Anne H. Angelic Healer, Co Louth Healing Seminar November 2, 2021

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Healing from Panic Attacks. Getting through the maze of emotions that cause Panic Attacks

Having spent many years suffering from panic attacks, Eugenie helped me to identify, confront and remove the cause of these panic attacks. She is an absolute professional, who is very easy to talk to and at all times showed genuine respect and understanding of what I was going through.

BW Accountant, Co Meath Psychotherapy, Co Meath Ireland January 28, 2020

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Intensive Therapy Sessions in Co Meath

Dear Eugenie,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful intensive therapy of 4 days I had with you last month at your home, I have the feeling that it is still going on!! It is life changing, working in this intensive way together for 4 days 2 sessions a day!

So grateful that you worked with me so hard and so grateful for your hospitality together with your husband. Much love from Holland, Joyce

Joyce Holland Residential Intensive May 13, 2019

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Holding hands

Our relationship was in tatters.  We were fighting all the time.  I thought the only option for us was to divorce.  Eugenie helped us to see how the issues from our childhoods were destroying our relationship in the present.  Our individual and then couple sessions cleared up so many misunderstandings and we're now so much happier together.  The love we had in the early years is coming back into our marriage  We're so happy we decided to take this path and save our marriage.

B.R and S.R Husband and Wife Healing Relationships August 15, 2018

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Small image of beach

I had been to see several therapists before I came to Eugenie.  She helped me to overcome severe depression and to reconnect to my life.  Eugenie's work showed me how to take the heavy burdens completely out of my backpack instead of just examining them and putting them back again.  I feel as is an invisible barrier has been removed and I feel an exciting connection to my life now that I haven't ever had bere.  I also have a lot more energy.

Rachel Admin Management, Co Meath Psychotherapy for Depression, Co Meath September 5, 2018

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Couple standing at water edge

Eugenie's work is wonderful.  It helped me to drop my fears from the past and I could experience a real shift in my relationships with men.  I feel lighter and happier.  Thanks so much Eugenie.

B. Clemency Marseilles, France Therapy Sessions for Relationship Problems September 23, 2017

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Lock with key

Eugenie was absolutely magnificent at pinpointing the core aspects of my emotional blockages that had been haunting me for most of my life. She felt like a member of my family immediately and I wouldn't say that unless I believed her authenticity 100%. Thanks, Eugenie!

Brian H. Virginia, USA Quantum Healing - DofNA July 9, 2014

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Globe with pins stuck in it

I found Eugenie via the internet and after discussion we agreed a number of internet sessions. I feel great about what I learnt of myself through Eugenie’s guidance.
At first I was extremely skeptical about a Skype session with a therapist, especially one who claims to use hypnosis as part of her process, but I was incredibly surprised at the success we had during my various sessions via Skype.
Thank you Eugenie for your guidance support and wisdom.

RG - Paris, France Management Consultant Online Psychotherapy Sessions July 9, 2014

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Pathway in between tall grass

Dear Eugenie, sincere heartfelt thanks for helping me deal with and recognise my pain. In revealing my strengths, you helped me to face and heal the most painful memories, experiences and time of my life. I’ve gone from feeling I need everyone’s permission to feeling in control of my emotions for the first time in my life. I am most grateful - thank you.

B.W.- Guernsey, UK Business Management Consultant Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy July 9, 2014

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Couple standing at water edge

We came to Eugenie at a very difficult time in our relationship. We had hit a wall that seemed insurmountable, and we were both very afraid of what it might take to get over it. Eugenie welcomed us and provided space for each of us to really give voice to our fears, our pain and our hope. She allowed us to fully hear and be heard - by her and by our partner. She also helped us to focus on the aspects of our relationships that we could change, empowering us to take wise action around our fears. Through it all, she remained devoted to honoring us both as individuals and as a couple. She helped us move through these challenges into a place of renewal and hope for our future.

Karen & Will Burke Husband 7 Wife, Dublin, Ireland Relationship Healing Therapy Co Meath June 23, 2014

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Blowing bubbles

The day after my Discharge of Neural Aspects session, I felt fantastic, I literally bubbled with joy 🙂 I remember biking home from work thinking "I don't need anyone else to feel that I'm loved". It's like a weight has lifted from off my shoulders and chest. I was so used to that weight I never noticed it so much until now that it's gone. Thank you so much, this is the best thing that's ever happened to me!
It's been great to just hang out with myself and not feeling sad. It's calm on the inside, which is just lovely 🙂 Also, I don't get so tired from work anymore. I find it easier to talk to people too. Lots of good stuff really.

JD Aromatherapist & Naturopath, Sweden Quantum Healing - DofNA June 23, 2014

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Holding hands

I was struggling to cope with a demanding career and felt my relationship with my partner was suffering. We were growing further apart and were about to split up. From our sessions with Eugenie, we rediscovered the intimacy and magic in our relationship that had been so absent. We came away from these sessions feeling profoundly unburdened, with a much better ability to communicate to each other on the important aspects of our lives. I'm writing this several months later and our relationships is better than ever. Our warmest thanks to you Eugenie

Mary Delancy Dublin Healing Relationship Therapy Sessions July 9, 2015

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