Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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Panic Attacks usually occur when there is a constant background drain of anxiety.  This is often triggered by a particular event or combination of events.  People usually feel powerless to prevent the awful debilitating effects of a panic attack.

But far from being helpless in the face of Panic Attacks and Anxiety, there are many ways to quieten and reduce these effects.

Fear is a very powerful teacher that can highly motivate us to take dynamic steps to avoid panic attacks

Strategies to Reduce Panic Attacks and Anxiety

  • Focussing the mind into the NOW (and not amplifying the fear and panic by projecting it out into the future).
  • Focussing on the breath as a means of quietening the mind and calming the body
  • Discovering the original triggers and then releasing the blocked energy and fear around these earlier events of people
  • Redirecting the attention to the sensations occurring in the body and understanding that this is what’s triggering the panic

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Emotions going Underground

Sometimes if a person as has a large amount of unresolved grief or anger from their past, these blocked emotions can then morph into fear and anxiety.  These blockages create stress and painful sensations in the body that feel awful.  The mind then fearfully interprets these sensations as “I’m not safe – It’s not safe”.  This then creates a continuous low level of anxiety that peaks into panic when the familiar triggers occur.

So it’s very important to uncover the ORIGINAL emotions that were never expressed or resolved.

In discharging the blocked energy from these emotions, there’s then a lot less trapped energy.  The mind and body can then release tension and stress.  This then drains away the original cause of the anxiety and fear that brought about panic attacks in the first place.  All the energy that was trapped and unavailable in these emotions then becomes available to be used in life supporting, joyful ways.

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When I came to see Eugenie at first, I felt so much fear and panic.  Suicidal thoughts haunted me.  However Eugenie helped me enormously to release these fears from my childhood and begin to take action in my life to heal my relationships.  My life is now freed from this awful anxiety.  Even my health problems cleared up as a result of our work together.  I would recommend her highly.

Harry Truck Driver, Dublin Quantum Healing - DofNA December 5, 2018

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