The link between Buried Emotions and Dealing with Depression depicted with an image of a couple with one giving the other a shoulder to lean on.

I listened to a wonderfully inspirational video by Foster Gamble, created for the Thrive documentary. In his blog “Upbeat Evolutionary Perspective Thriving” at around 37 minutes he answers a question about how he deals with his inner conflicts. His reply is so clear, simple and enlightened, it is obvious he has done a lot of work on himself. I believe it also offers a profound insight into dealing with depression.

A beautiful garden representing a safe place to heal

Deep down you already know the solutions to your problems, but it’s very difficult to find the time and space to access these solutions. When you feel overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of life, knowing there IS a way forward and a space where it’s safe to be vulnerable can be a great help. Ongoing support and guidance can transform long standing fears and phobias; can heal and resolve relationship issues, opening up a whole new life experience. What can Psychotherapy do for me? People come to…