An intrinsic part of the day, is being outside in the healing energy of nature.

Self Acceptance and the Key to Profound Healing When we find ways to create peace and self acceptance within, our outer lives and relationships become healed and transformed. In discovering what prevents us from accepting ourselves, we open the way to profound self healing. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy empower this vital connection by giving relaxation to the body and clarity to the mind.

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I’ve just listened to a wonderful inspirational video by Foster Gamble, created of the Thrive documentary. In his blog “Upbeat Evolutionary Perspective Thriving” at around 37 minutes he answers a question about how he deals with his inner conflicts. His reply is so clear, simple and enlightened, it is obvious he has done a lot of work on himself. I believe it is also offers a profound insight into dealing with depression.

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Often people suffering from depression feel that there’s nothing they can do to lift themselves out of their state. However there are several steps that can be practised straight away to counteract the effects of depression. Beginning to introduce the varied approaches of Mindfulness into one’s life can be very empowering: One such thought filtering approach is called: The Three Gateways Most people who are depressed suffer a constant stream of self-negating thoughts streaming through their mind all day long. By using this “Three Gateways” technique – even…

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When as children we’re faced with frightening or abusive people or situations that are beyond our ability to handle, often the only way we can cope is by tightening our bodies, holding our breath and turning our attention away to some dream reality. This is called Body Armouring and as children we do this automatically and unconsciously in our attempts to protect ourselves from an abusive outer reality. The greater the level of abuse and dysfunction in our outer world; family, school, peer groups, neighbourhood, the more we…

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As infants when we cry, very often our mother will put something into our mouth – something to suck, drink or eat to quieten and soothe us. This happens countless times during the most formative years of our life. In consequence we often unconsciously link pain, anger, frustration or grief with the need to put something in our mouth.

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Deep down you already know the solutions to your problems, but it’s very difficult to find the time and space to access these solutions. When you feel overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of life, knowing there IS a way forward and a space where it’s safe to be vulnerable can be a great help. Ongoing support and guidance can transform long standing fears and phobias; can heal and resolve relationship issues, opening up a whole new life experience. People come to me suffering from low self esteem,…