Freedom from Anti-depressants

Silhouette of woman from behind
Silhouette of woman from behind

I was referred to Eugenie by a good friend who had also been greatly helped by her. I didn’t know what to expect but even at our first meeting Eugenie was clearly in a far superior league to other therapists I had seen. I say this because Eugenie uses techniques that are both spiritually uplifting and psychologically freeing. I found her very sincere and authentic. There was never a facade between us during my sessions and she works with real compassion and tenderness.
I came to Eugenie feeling very confused about my life’s direction. I also suffered from depression and social anxiety, feeling very lonely, despite being around friends and family. After the first few sessions I felt a very different connection to other people. I also felt much more confident and clear about my boundaries. During my sessions with Eugenie I successfully came off anti-depressants which I had taken for several years.
I am now a very different person to the one I was when I first came to see Eugenie in October 2009.

JH – Oxford graduate, Accountant, UK
July 9, 2015