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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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Benefits of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Self awareness – developing “The Observer”

Where thought goes, energy follows. If we have a constant dialogue running at the back of our mind telling us how hopeless we are or how awful life is, those thoughts will have a considerable drain on our energy, leaving us feeling fearful, anxious or depressed. These thoughts directly affect our mood, our self image and our relationship to others. We then unconsciously attract more negative situations and people into our life.

Developing the Observer requires practice and patience, but the rewards are considerable.

Not only do we become aware of these negative self statements, but by observing our fears and worries more realistically, we are helped to limit this distorted thinking by pressing the “off” button. Ultimately, we can completely DIS-IDENTIFY from them.

Self observation is not self analysis – in fact it’s the very opposite; in finding ways to quieten the mind and create calmness and relaxation, we learn to react in a completely different way to the stresses and challenges of our daily lives. In this way we not only save our energy, we stop creating more destructive dramas and crises.

Becoming conscious of the “voice from the past” – our negative self statements

So many of our beliefs about ourselves stem from negative conditioning we received in our formative years. Instead of jettisoning these beliefs as utterly useless, we accept them without question and then live our lives accordingly. I teach Cognitive Behaviour techniques adapted to each individual that help them to recognise and change the thought patterns and behaviours that lead to negative feelings – replacing them with ever increasing feelings of self acceptance and confidence. With an increased capacity for self observation, it then becomes possible to respond to life situations in a completely different way – attracting new people and situations that open out new horizons in our life.

For an amusing analogy read my blog post about taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.TAKING RESPONSIBILITY – EMBRACING CHANGE

I use a very structured technique for making this change:  Transforming Negative Beliefs into Positive Energy