Quantum Psychotherapy

The solutions to emotional problems are already within you.  I can help you discover them using a combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  In this way, you can release blocked emotions, resolve relationships and heal low self-esteem. How is this achieved? Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind.  It can reach deeply into the problem’s source, creating a release from tension, fear and stress.  Blocked emotional energy cause many stress-related illnesses. Therefore setting free these emotional blockages affects mental, emotional and physical health in a very positive way.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

With over 30 years of experience, I have developed many techniques to enhance your whole approach to life.

I believe that to be an effective therapist, I need to keep deepening and advancing my skills by developing ways I can further help my clients.

Shamanic Studies – Green Tara College

I completed a one year Shamanic Course in 2016 at the Green Tara College in Navan.  I repeated this Course again in 2017 because I found it so profound and powerful.  In 2018 I completed an Advanced Practitioner Shamanic Course.  This course greatly empowered my existing Shamanic techniques and deepened my self knowledge.

In 2015 and 2017 I studied with two world-renowned Shamanic Masters from Cusco, Peru – Juan Nunez del Prado and his son Ivan.  They provided both a foundation and then an advanced course in Peruvian Shamanism from the ancient Inca tradition.  They offer a cosmology complete with structure and steps to walk a path of personal power based in energetic perception. For instance, these courses dealt with the seven levels of spiritual and personal development of the Inca Tradition. The Andean Path is an indigenous earth-honouring tradition grounded in the belief that the world is made of ‘living energy’.

Reiki Level 3

In the summer of 2018, I deepened my Reiki skills by attaining a Level 3 Reiki Diploma.  I use Reiki often during my sessions – both directly in a hands on treatment and especially by “streaming” this beautiful energy to the client when they’re working deeply in hypnosis to resolve deep pain.

Retreats and Seminars

I regularly attend Retreats and Seminars to strengthen my connection to the works of Spirit and to develop my psychic powers.  In September 2018 I attended a 10-day Retreat with Ian Graham in the beautiful Greek Island of Patmos. 

A Course in Mastering Alchemy

From July 2017 to October 2018 I participated in weekly online masterclasses on a Course in Mastering Alchemy – a path to a higher, more expensive awareness of life.  We learnt many Energy Techniques for personal and spiritual growth and ways to develop a positive spiritual perspective on life’s purpose.

Jung Centre of Ireland

I attended a 2-year Certificate Course in Jungian studies led by Jasbinder Garnermann.   Jasbinder is one of Ireland’s leading Jungian Psychologists. The Certificate course was a study of Jung’s psychology as a way of exploring the unconscious and the reality beyond the personal.  In addition to a thorough grounding in Jungian psychology, the course also facilitated our inner growth and spiritual awareness.  We explored the concepts of the Unconscious, the Archetypes: the Ego, Shadow, Persona, Anima/Animus and the Self.  A key role in our studies was Dream Therapy, the study of complexes, typology, and myth.  This course greatly assisted my own journey of spiritual growth and self-awareness.

There is no such thing as a “one fix fits all” approach to therapy.  Individual healing needs are most dynamically met by therapy that is intuitively structured to that person’s unique needs. Therefore I use many different approaches and styles of therapy.

With increasing experience, my work has become more and more focused on spiritual empowerment.  This I believe, opens the way for people to gain deeper insights into the wisdom of their own soul.  In the field of therapy one never stops learning.  I have been growing in knowledge, understanding, and compassion for the past 25 years and have had my own successful practice now for the past 27 years which offers the community a Meath-based therapist.

Discharge of Neural Aspects – Quantum Psychology

Several years ago I used to focus a lot on working with the past.  I would explore the traumatic experiences of my clients’ childhood.  Over the years, however, my horizon has changed to working deeply with what surfaces for them in the present moment.  Transforming what is occurring within their mind and body right NOW.  This change of focus is the result of a 3 year course in Quantum Psychology.

Working from a state of dynamic focus

During this course, we were taught to work from the “observer”.  We then work psychically through several layers of consciousness to reach the core problem.  Because it is only by removing this core problem that lasting change can occur.  While past trauma certainly influences our present lives, the reason for my shift of focus is that I believe much can be accomplished through a deeper awareness of our present reality rather than an endless journey into the labyrinth of the past.

Seminary of Spiritual Peacemakers

In 2004 I took a course in Spiritual Peacemaking – led by James Twyman.  The essence of this course is that we can only spread peace in the world when we are at peace within ourselves.  This excellent 2-year course guided us to work dynamically on ourselves.  We were guided to recognise and release all the fears and distractions that separate us from our own inner peace.  We then worked in many ways to bring this wisdom and insight to the world around us by creating our own peace initiative.  My project was to create and publish 6 CDs on self-awareness.

This course deepened my love of Life and my fellow humans.  It strengthened my resolve to maintain a high level of self-awareness that continues to serve me today in numerous ways.

Norman Vaughton Hypnotherapy Masterclasses

I went on to study for a further 2 years with Norman Vaughton, specific forms of hypnotherapy relating to sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, grief counselling, and stress related disorders.  With Norman, we focused in-depth on Dave Grove’s Wounded Child Within techniques and Ernest Rossi’s Metaphor of Movement techniques.

UK Training College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Long before I started my professional training I was fascinated by the nature of the mind – why it is that past conditioning can have such an influence on our present lives, and how it is that mental and emotional states can fluctuate so widely. In 1986, after much research, I began an excellent 4-year course in London, with the UK Training College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which provided a very solid grounding in the skills of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. During this period I benefitted from many distinguished guest lecturers, learning from their special skills in particular forms of therapy such as imagery, gestalt, transactional analysis and of course the many applications of hypnosis. I started my own private practice during this time.

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

I had the good fortune to meet a highly skilled therapist, Christopher Sullivan.  His background in spiritual psychotherapy Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy differed in many ways from my own.  Therefore this provided me with the dual benefit of resolving my own emotional issues and also gaining valuable insights at first hand into other approaches to psychotherapy and healing.

In subsequent years I attended many advanced therapy workshops specifically relating to working in greater depth with the symptoms of an abusive family; with adults who have been sexually abused or who suffered a traumatic childhood.

One of the College’s requirements was that we receive psychotherapy for ourselves because, of course, one cannot effectively treat the fear, pain and anger in others when it remains unresolved and unhealed within ourselves.

Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

About Eugenie

As a younger woman, I received over three years of counselling and psychotherapy to help my own development and self-awareness.  This gave me invaluable insight and understanding.  In this way I made great progress in the challenging process of uncovering buried anger, facing my fears and overcoming resistance.  Above all this direct experience gives me a depth of compassion and empathy for my clients that is far greater than can be gained from books alone.

The client/therapist relationship is essentially about two people coming together to bring about healing and empowerment. I always “tune into” my clients’ highest intentions and ask for inspiration and guidance. This creates trust and openness – my clients report feeling safe, heard and understood.

My intuition has always served me well.  Some years ago I was able to further develop my psychic skills of observation during a three-year course on Quantum Psychology.  We were taught to develop a point of highly focused concentration, (the Observer).  In this way, I then work to clear the energetic field of trapped emotional blockages within and around my client’s body.  Therefore this technique is invaluable because it opens the way to work on healing deep areas of trauma.   Quantum Healing – Discharge of Neural Aspects is equally effective when practised at a distance.  For instance, I have used this technique with clients living in Europe and America.

After these sessions, many clients speak of their greater depth of clarity and a capacity to understand their own process more completely.  So while my practice is based in Duleek, County Meath this technique also works at a distance.  Therefore it is an invaluable asset in working with young children.

Combination of Skills

Thanks to this combination of skills, I have great flexibility in working with clients.  I have many psychotherapeutic approaches to choose from; the subtle uses of hypnosis, counselling and psychotherapy, the healing aspect of Reiki and the invaluable skill of Quantum Psychology.

I can then adapt the session to support them in whatever way seems most appropriate.  And of course, I always work with my clients at a rate and pace that feels safe for them.

Many of our fears and stresses stem from the simple truth that on a deep inner level, we’re divided against ourselves. We’re unable to simply allow ourselves to be as we truly are