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Shamanic Practises and Treatments

I use powerful Shamanic practises and treatments to bring about dynamic change, harmony and balance.  These greatly enhance and compliment my psychotherapy and hypnotherapy treatments.

These ancient healing, wisdom traditions are used by Indigenous Tribes throughout the World and by our ancestors for many thousands of years.  Shamanic practises honour the Earth, the changing Seasons and the Heavenly bodies.  As a result, it provides very direct and symbolic ways to bring about lasting change.

Shamanic Healing Techniques

Some of the Shamanic Practises and Treatments I use:

Illumination Technique

You are guided to release deeply held negative beliefs by using the breath in a very focused way.  Long-held traumas and emotional pain are ultimately set free.  This treatment completely bypasses the analytical rational mind. It focusses only upon the breath.  Did you know that heavy stagnant energy can literally be breathed out of the body?  This treatment is followed by Reiki healing. This is where you enjoy a profound sense of deep peace and relaxation that directly results from this technique.


Soul Retrieval

When a person suffers trauma either through emotional abuse, physical illness or a bad accident, often a part of their soul may leave their body and remain disconnected.  Often they are then left feeling empty, ungrounded and separated from life. The beautiful technique of Soul Retrieval enables the lost part of the Soul to fully heal and become reabsorbed back into the person’s Being.  This is then followed by the reintegration technique called Sacred Drama. This ultimately helps the person to become aware of the steps they now need to take to welcome this lost part back into their lives.


Shamanic Tunnel Journey

You simply relax, absorb and observe the healing benefits of this exercise that can release a considerable amount of blocked energy.  I then get feedback from you about your experiences. This enables me to then give you important information about what was uncovered in this treatment.

Power Animal Retrieval and Healing

Swan on water representing Power Animal
Shamans work with Power Animals to aid and enhance their journeying.  These Power Animals can greatly assist us in everyday life, providing protection heightened intuition and guidance in difficult situations.
This treatment works in two ways
  • It will help you find your Power Animal and as a result, bring about dynamic healing connections in your life
  • Should you suffer from illness or trauma, you can become empowered and strengthened through your Power Animal.  Your Power Animal is always there to assist you.

These are only a few of the Shamanic healing techniques that I use – I have been expertly trained by world-renowned Juan and Ivan Nuren del Prada.

I will be continually updating my blog with more Shamanic techniques, if you want to know more please get in touch.