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The Futility of War

We live in a world that is torn apart by strife and warfare. So many needless wars are fought and there is so much suffering and death.  These wars can be in the name of politics, economics, nationalism or religion. Billions are spent each year on the “industry” of warfare – on man’s inhumanity to man. Increasingly every rational person understands that no war is ever won.  The devastation and loss on both sides are proof alone of that. The aftermath of pain, loss and suffering compound it even more.

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So why are we are so easily swept into yet another tidal wave of vengeance and retribution? What keeps us stuck in lashing out at others?  Is it because we need to make them wrong and in order to affirm that we are right?

The Constant Battle Within

Many of us suffer from an inability to truly be at peace within ourselves. It becomes unbearable to examine one’s inner anguish.  Therefore from this deep seated lack of self acceptance we are pushed into a much easier option.

It is so much easier to highlight the “faults” of others than to face our own buried pain.

If we set aside direct confrontation, we can observe what goes on within our own lives, our families and our workplace.

So really this blog is about how important it is to Know Thyself – The Path to the Heart.
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There is a universal life principle that causes embryos to turn into babies, seeds to blossom into trees and flowers and galaxies to revolve around one another. This same blessed wisdom resides within every cell of our body. With a little support from us, we can uncover the body‘s great wisdom in creating optimum health.  We can greatly help the body to rebalance and detoxify itself.

However, the greatest healer of all is the right mental and emotional attitude and that is peacefulness of mind.

So, unburdened by fear and tension, the body already knows how to heal itself.

Blessing Water – Thanking our Bodies

Dr Masaru Emoto through his inspired experiments with water crystals proved that when we bless water it forms itself into beautiful geometric crystals. Of the four elements, water is the most receptive to benevolent thought.

Our bodies contain 75% water; imagine how we could transform ourselves by blessing the water within our own bodies!

We constantly underestimate our own wonderful potential. For example, the mind is so much more powerful than we realise. However, when our busy surface mind vacillates from one lightweight thought to another, not much of real value can be accomplished.

Creating Optimum Health

The Power of Imagination & Intuition for Optimum Health

But imagine what could happen if we could combine the enormous power of our imagination and intuition, with a clear image of optimum health. We could magnetise abundant well-being into our lives. And in the process, not only discard old negative beliefs that no longer serve us – but actively create a whole new set of beliefs that uphold the reality of joy and fulfilment.

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Blowing bubbles

Our every mood and emotion is mirrored in the way we breathe.

When we’re relaxed and happy our breath is soft, deep and flows easily. When we’re fearful, angry or traumatized, however, we tend to hyperventilate; taking short shallow breaths or even holding our breath altogether! Often we don’t even notice this tendency, and many people become aware of their breathing only when they’re out of breath.
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Peaceful Nights Guided Meditation

” When we obsess about what we could or should have done, we burn up lots of energy, adding fuel to our wakefulness.”

– Eugenie Heraty

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Please take a moment to enjoy my 10 minute guided meditation which uses the breath and the very sensations of the body to bring about deep relaxation and finishes with a guided grounding visualisation.