Old Door Lock Representing Unlocking the Key to Self Development and Growth

Self Development and Growth

I provide a combination of highly developed intuitive skills that complement each other. This opens the way for greatly accelerated self development and growth. I use Quantum Healing and Reiki techniques to remove blockages trapped in cellular memory. Clients report greater insight and a deeper understanding of their life objectives.

With the aid of individual recordings, I teach self empowerment and relaxation techniques.  These are tailored to your unique needs.  You can  release tension and fear, boost self confidence, and improve your relationship with others with the assistance of these recordings.

Inner child transformation showing an image of a childs hand being held by their mother.

It’s very valuable to understand why we respond badly around certain people or situations in life; why we become suddenly angry or depressed or irritated. However, to completely set us free from this unwanted behaviour we need to clear the original set of memories that created it in the first place.
This means releasing cellular memory – the emotional energetic imprint that became stored in the body during our formative years. Working with hypnosis can take us way beyond the intellectual understanding of our problems and allow us to work deeply with the sensations in the body, releasing the trauma that caused this behaviour in the first place. If a child always had to suppress and block the normal expression of their anger, pain or fear – they will have had to push these feelings deeply “underground” – sometimes even blocking them completely from their conscious mind.

This “armouring against emotion” creates terrible tension and blockages in our bodies, minds, and emotions.

Inner Child Transformation, represented by a young boy sucking his thumb.
Hypnosis allows us to access this cellular memory, releasing it and healing it without becoming re-traumatised. Revisiting the wounded inner child with the greatly heightened focus of attention that hypnosis creates, allows a natural and profoundly healing release of these these trapped emotions. Using specific techniques, these trapped emotions can be released and replaced with healing love. In this way, the wounded inner child who used to sabotage our adult lives can become healed and transformed. We then truly “grow up”.

Couple standing at water edge

Eugenie has helped me face my fears and vulnerabilities. The inner child transformation work we did is allowing me to feel so much more safe and calm. Certain people and situations don't intimidate me any more. When I started therapy with Eugenie I was scared to face my buried fears but the further we progressed, the easier work became. My friends have noticed a positive change in me.

A.K. Businessman Co Meath, Ireland Inner Child Healing January 12, 2018

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Psychotherapy & Counselling with Eugenie Heraty - Advanced Professional Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

There is a highly effective technique that I frequently use for generating positive outcomes when I feel I’m going to be challenged by a person or situation. This is to simply visualise a Ray of Light shining upon the future event to generate a “Win-Win” situation for all concerned.

Many of us face potentially stressful encounters with others; job interviews, business meetings, a confrontation with a friend or family member

So much can potentially go wrong! In wanting to clear up a misunderstanding, we can’t find the right words or we say the wrong thing entirely. We might even lose our temper and say things that can never be taken back!

Using a Ray of Light to Generate Positive Outcomes

Some years ago I felt burdened by a responsibility that should have been a joint venture shared with a friend. However, she went off on holiday and left me to organise it on my own. Some time later, after the event was over and my friend returned from holidays I still felt taken for granted by this. However because I really valued our friendship, I felt it was important to talk to her about this and clear the air rather than to go on harbouring unspoken negative feelings.

As I was setting out to walk to her house my husband said “Don’t forget the Ray of Light” So en route, I kept seeing the optimum solution – both of us reaching a deeply satisfying resolution, bathed in Divine Light. However, when I started to blurt out my feelings to her, my fear of confrontation was making my voice sound nervous and even angry. So, far from expressing myself, I was only compounding our misunderstandings. I felt cynical and mistrustful of her justifications and nothing was becoming resolved. Stalemate! Then I remembered the ray of Divine Light and imagined us both bathed in this warm, loving force.

The effect was immediate – it was as if the energy of tension and misunderstanding between us simply evaporated.

We simultaneously realised that we were both seeking a resolution and so, we were able to completely let off any grievance and move on. I tell this story because I feel it illustrates how very effective this simple technique can be. Of course, it also saves us so much stress and heartache in our lives.

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Self Esteem & Confidence

Many years ago I was inspired by Shakti Gawain’s visualisation techniques and have used them often since. I particularly liked the Pink Bubble technique for creating your highest vision. This involves placing your vision into a beautiful pink bubble of light and then releasing it into the Universe.

Preparing the Ground – Gaining Clarity

First of all, it’s important to be very clear about what you want to create in your life. Really take some time to connect to your highest vision asking yourself “Will this bring fulfilment/happiness into my life?” If your vision is empowering and uplifting to yourself/others and/or the environment then it’s really worthy of the time spent to bring it about. On the other hand, manifesting more material “stuff” is seldom the answer to lasting happiness.

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The numerous symptoms of depression range from relatively mild; where life has become dreary and joyless; to very severe where it’s an effort just to face the next day. In the first case, the person may not even know they’re depressed, while in the second they may even consider suicide as a way out of their suffering. Whatever the level of depression it affects all areas of life; mood, energy levels, sleep, appetite, libido and of course, relationships.

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