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The Power of Self Acceptance



Judgement of self and others blocks our perception and always only comes from our own inner pain. So many of us are completely out of touch with who we are; seeing ourselves as “less than”, we are unable to value our unique skills and gifts.

When we have a poor connection to our real inner nature, it will always be reflected in our outer relationships with friends, family and work colleagues. We either waste energy trying to live up to what we imagine they expect of us, or we try to control and manipulate them to ease our own inner fear and insecurity.

We open the way to profound self healing when we discover what prevents us from accepting and allowing ourselves to be as we truly are. We become so much more natural and authentic with others when we can feel comfortable and “at home” within ourselves.

Upon opening these inner doors of receptivity in total acceptance, we transform energy that was formerly tied up in self judgement, blame and regret. Transformed and freed up, this energy now works for us giving us the courage and support to open our lives to wider possibilities.

As we discover ways to deepen this peace and acceptance within, out outer lives become healed and transformed affecting our relationships with everyone in our lives and creating a much greater depth of trust, intimacy and joy.