Cutting the Cords

Cutting Ties that Bind
Cutting Ties that Bind

Working with Eugénie has changed my life. Firstly we worked on the cutting of cords between myself and another person whom I wanted to get out of my thoughts. It was so interesting – there were so many different types of connections that bound us together and when they were gone the thoughts dissolved and disappeared with the stress that went with them.

Then Eugénie did quantum healing work with me – initially on imbalances created from birth to the present and later on emotional issues which seem to have been handed down to me by my ancestors. This was an amazing experience and as the healing took place, it helped me to understand myself on a much deeper level – where I had come from.

Finally we worked on those deep fears which lie where people don’t want to go. This was so illuminating and so worthwhile for me and, in the end, not frightening at all. The interesting thing was I did not really know what I was afraid of and why (before I started).

It is also very useful that Eugénie can do her work distantly.

Elanor Ashworth - Hampshire, UK
July 9, 2017