Insomnia to Deep Sleep

Father holding baby to chest

So often the dread of something is far worse than the thing itself. Worrying about sleeplessness, and about how we’ll feel the next day, burns up far more energy than simply accepting it; relaxing and focusing on letting go. Whenever we lack sleep and feel fragile; whenever we feel vulnerable or over stretched, we try to control our lives by mapping out our future. In attempting to “sort things out”, we can fall prey to obsessive “planning” in the small hours of the morning – a time when reality is often distorted and when we can’t do anything anyway.

If we just stop trying we can relax into much needed rest.

We can’t make ourselves sleep, but we can focus on relaxing. An excellent way to do this is to focus on slow deep breathing. This is a wonderful way of soothing the busy, frantic thoughts and bringing awareness deeper into the body. By recording this breathing technique on a CD, I can tailor it to each client’s individual breathing rhythms. When tensions and fears try to creep back, we can keep returning to this simple exercise; bringing awareness right here into the present moment rather than journeying off into the future or the past in fearful thoughts.

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