Self Awareness – Healing our Inner Demons

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In Healing our Inner Demons, we gain priceless Self Awareness

However when we push away and disown our unwanted behaviours – our anger, jealousy, fears, hatreds etc, we then, unintentionally create these “demons” that come back to haunt us when we’re feeling low, tired or ill.
Say I have had many ongoing childhood experiences of being found “wrong”, “not good enough”, or labelled “stupid” by either parents or teachers. Years later I leave home/school, but by now I’ve turned this abusive behaviour back towards myself – beating myself up, condemning my every effort to connect with others.
Overcoming inner demons

Until I become very conscious of this negative self talk, I’ll be always limiting myself, attacking myself with my own energy and creating even more feelings of anger, frustration and jealousy. I keep myself small and powerless.

We need to face our demons – to truly know them and to then very deliberately discard them as utterly false. This takes determination and persistence. After a relatively short while however, we can become so much more aware of this negative nagging inner voice and learn to dismiss it for what it is – an old demon from the past that is still trying to rob us of our self confidence and courage in facing life’s challenges. So – looking within is crucial to identify and release illusion and then we can direct ourselves to our outer lives with so much more confidence and poise.

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