Self Esteem & Confidence

So many of us go through our lives burdened by low self esteem. We constantly make negative statements about ourselves. If questioned, many people will tell you of their weaknesses, failings and problems. They have little or no self esteem and confidence.

Finding self confidence usually involves identifying these negative beliefs. Then removing them completely! When we examine our negative self statements, we usually find that they have their source in what we were told as children.

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False Conditioning from the past

I once knew a woman who sometimes brought her 5 year old son to work. Because of a failed marriage, this woman held a lot of anger and disappointment. The poor boy was clearly standing in for her ex-husband. He received a constant torrent of criticism and derogatory remarks from her. It was a really sad experience hearing her constantly chastising him and comparing him negatively to his father. The boy may well have grown up angry and rebellious – a compensation to disguise an inner sense of never being “good enough”. Either way, beneath any outward behaviour of rebellion, he could have very little self esteem, confidence or belief in himself.

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Baggage from the Past

I often work with couples whose relationships are floundering.   Their children are the usual reason they are still together.  In most cases, the underlying problem is that they bring to their adult relationship unresolved emotional pain from their past.  It is imperative that they find ways of clearing emotional space between them.  They need to recognise and release the baggage from their past.

Many have suffered a childhood which was abusive and traumatic.  As kids the only way they knew how to get by was to develop coping strategies.  They learnt that to get their needs met and/or keep the peace in the family, they had to fit into a mould.  Unable to be true to themselves, they could not act from their own integrity.  For them, creating their own boundaries and saying no when appropriate was simply not possible.  Why?  Because their whole life experience has worked against their ability to speak up for themselves.

Probably nobody has ever been there to listen to them in the first place.

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Leaf curled up representing anxiety and panic attacks

Panic Attacks usually occur when there is a constant background drain of anxiety.  This is often triggered by a particular event or combination of events.  People usually feel powerless to prevent the awful debilitating effects of a panic attack.

But far from being helpless in the face of Panic Attacks and Anxiety, there are many ways to quieten and reduce these effects.

Fear is a very powerful teacher that can highly motivate us to take dynamic steps to avoid panic attacks

Strategies to Reduce Panic Attacks and Anxiety

  • Focussing the mind into the NOW (and not amplifying the fear and panic by projecting it out into the future).
  • Focussing on the breath as a means of quietening the mind and calming the body
  • Discovering the original triggers and then releasing the blocked energy and fear around these earlier events of people
  • Redirecting the attention to the sensations occurring in the body and understanding that this is what’s triggering the panic

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Red rose held in black and white hands

Emotions going Underground

Sometimes if a person as has a large amount of unresolved grief or anger from their past, these blocked emotions can then morph into fear and anxiety.  These blockages create stress and painful sensations in the body that feel awful.  The mind then fearfully interprets these sensations as “I’m not safe – It’s not safe”.  This then creates a continuous low level of anxiety that peaks into panic when the familiar triggers occur.

So it’s very important to uncover the ORIGINAL emotions that were never expressed or resolved.

In discharging the blocked energy from these emotions, there’s then a lot less trapped energy.  The mind and body can then release tension and stress.  This then drains away the original cause of the anxiety and fear that brought about panic attacks in the first place.  All the energy that was trapped and unavailable in these emotions then becomes available to be used in life supporting, joyful ways.

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Harry - Truck Driver
December 5, 2018

When I came to see Eugenie at first, I felt so much fear and panic.  Suicidal thoughts haunted me.  However Eugenie helped me enormously to release these fears from my childhood and begin to take action in my life to heal my relationships.  My life is now freed from this awful anxiety.  Even my health problems cleared up as a result of our work together.  I would recommend her highly.

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Hypnosis a solution to rewriting your Past

So often people carry their life story around with them like an energy sapping burden. They identify with the pain, trauma, drama and fear from their past.  This then dictates the shape of their present life, draining away all colour and joy.  In consequence, they are held back every time they want to progress in their life.

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Can our history be changed? Most definitely Yes!

Hypnosis  allows you to travel vertically down through time and rewrite the numbing effect traumatic memories have upon you. Far from reliving the past,  I use hypnosis to help you bring the light of your conscious awareness to that past.

It is this deeper comprehension that then releases the blocked emotions that were trapped in your very being.

In every instance, many painful emotions have been suppressed during times of trauma, fear or confusion.  Therefore, by releasing these very emotions and replacing them with healing energy, you set free the magnetic charge that was trapped in that memory.

In this way, hypnosis is a solution to rewriting your past.


This can be done in various ways.  By Cutting the Ties that Bind from a past situation or person, you become detached and unburdened from useless negative aspects of that experience.

Through hypnosis I also work in connecting my client to the very sensations that underly their suppressed emotions.  This gives so much space for that healing release to occur.

Releasing trapped Pain and generating Life Force Energy

In this way, the pain of blocked cellular memory can be replaced by beautiful healing light.  With the intention to be set free, a powerful dynamic occurs.  The energetic charge that was trapped in these emotions is set free.  Dr Brenda Davies explains this process very well in this brief video.

By crying the tears, expressing the anger and even venting the hatred from those past experiences, you free up energy from the cells of your body.

You  will still have the memory, but it in a diminished detached capacity.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Red rose held in black and white hands
Transforming Negative Beliefs into Positive Energy

Another method I use is to give my clients a very deliberate step by step method to quieten the continuous thoughts that limit, torment and diminish them.  Therefore they can then return their awareness to the present moment.  In this way, what they once obsessed about can finally be relegated to a distant memory.

This technique works even for a person who has suffered repeated abuse in their childhood. Emotional, sexual, physical or mental abuse; they all need to be cleared.  It is necessary to become aware of these useless circular thoughts and the toxic beliefs that underlie them.  I use this dynamic method to break this unconscious connection.  Clients are then empowered to replace the negative thoughts/beliefs with a simple exercise.  In other words, they learn to refocus their awareness back to the present moment.

Releasing Resistance

People will always try to resist pain in the body.  This prevents them from relaxing into healing.  So in releasing this resistance, their blocked feelings can also be released.  Their body changes to a much lighter and more relaxed state.

Above all, many clients report knots of tension completely disappearing.

In conclusion, time truly has no dominion.  We are masters of our own destiny.  We can rewrite our history. 

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Red rose held in black and white hands

Authentic Communication

Have you ever noticed how much communication has become utterly meaningless.  People say  “have a nice day”, “miss you already” and even “love you”.  Words are just spewed out with no sincerity whatsoever.

Words like awesome have become demoted to the utterly banal.  It’s often used to describe people, situations or events that are far from awesome!

Then there’s the ridiculous “I’m so excited to share this with you/be here/see this, ….. etc.” It’s as if everything has to be hyped up to excitement levels before our jaded attention can be grabbed and held. If some total stranger on the phone asks me “how are you today?” I’m tempted to respond with “why do you ask?”

Another word bug that’s spreading is the continuous way the word “like” increasingly creeps into sentences where it has no meaning whatsoever.  “and I was like so glad to see her and then she said like it was  ………” ad nauseum

People now end their phone calls with the rushed: “bye, bye, …….. bye, bye, bye, ….. bye, bye” as if they’re hurrying you off the phone.    Read More