Mindful Pregnancy


Releasing Thought Rocks from Conception to Birth

Letting go of old Fears

From the moment of conception, the developing foetus is being prepared for the world it will be born into. Therefore during the 9 months of gestation in the womb, we are profoundly affected by our parents.

Their every mood, emotion and attitude to life is woven into the growing foetus.  In this way, the newborn baby is then ready to face the life situation and environment it will be arriving into.

Mindful pregnancy profoundly affects the unborn child

I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is for a pregnant woman to take the time to connect to her unborn child.  To frequently sends loving thoughts to the tiny embryo growing within her. This is far more important than deciding what clothes or bedroom decor to prepare for the infant. Without exception, the pregnant women I’ve worked with say how responsive and alert their infant was as a direct result of tuning into to him/her when they were in the womb. Why is this? Because they’ve grown to associate their mother’s (and father’s) voice sending them love, warmth, and a huge welcome.

So, blessed are the babies who are wanted and warmly welcomed by both parents. This profoundly affects their development in the womb and even helps their brain chemistry to connect in more dynamic ways.

Self limiting beliefs

Now not all of us are fortunate to have had loving parents eager to welcome us into their lives. In many instances, our parents were stressed, perhaps distracted by the needs of other small children.  They may have had the strain of financial demands.  In many instances they might have been in a stressful relationship with each other. Furthermore, often the parents were  burdened by strongly held and fearful limiting beliefs.  These fears and limitations will greatly influence the growing foetus. For instance, if the mother believes “never trust anyone”, “life’s a struggle”, “we’ll never have enough” or “I’m not good enough”, to mention just a few, these beliefs or “thought rocks” greatly influence the baby and future adult’s course through life.

In the energy healing technique I use called Discharge of Neural Aspects, I work with this very issue: Thought Rocks from Conception to Birth.

When using this technique, in almost every instance, I detect that my client’s mother was stressed and preoccupied when she was pregnant

All her energy and attention directed into her outer world.  She was almost completely unaware of the new life growing in her womb. I hear the foetus crying out for acknowledgment – “what about me?  I’m here – are you aware of me?”

Cellular Memory and Mindful Pregnancy

One of the steps in this quantum healing technique is to release thought rocks from conception to birth.  This has the profound capacity to release the tensions stored on a cellular level from these crucial 9 months in the womb.

Clients report feelings of lightness and spaciousness.

They tell me that it has somehow become easier for them to identify and face fears that used to haunt them. They become aware that these are inherited fears.  Consciously knowing this, these fears can now fall away from them. These emotional “thought rocks” are set free from cellular memory and life can then open out in joyful and unexpected ways.

The release of “Thought Rocks” is only one layer of the many facets of Discharge of Neural Aspects DofNA technique.   Follow this link to discover more.

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