Leaf curled up representing anxiety and panic attacks

We often attract people who on some level resonate with us even if our outer personalities appear completely different. The more out of touch we are with our true nature, the more likely it is that we’ll attract a partner who is equally unaware of themselves. One person’s unfinished business erupts to clash with the other’s: unresolved jealousies, anger, or grudges from the past, all emerge to haunt them and create even more problems.

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Large tree in field


We live in a world that is torn apart by strife and warfare. Whether it is in the name of politics, economics, nationalism or religion; so many needless wars are fought and there is so much suffering and death. Billions are spent each year on the “industry” of warfare – on man’s inhumanity to man. Increasingly every rational person understands that no war is ever won – the devastation and loss on both sides are proof alone of that. The aftermath of pain and loss and suffering compound it even more. So why are we are so easily swept into yet another tidal wave of vengeance and retribution? What keeps us stuck in lashing out at others, making them wrong and affirming that we are right? Surely it’s because we suffer from an inability to truly be at peace within ourselves. We cannot bear to examine our inner anguish and it is from this deep seated lack of self acceptance that we are then pushed into the much easier option of highlighting the “faults” of others. This may seem a very sweeping statement;

yet if we take war away from the world stage and observe what goes on within our own lives, our families, our workplace; we see that there are numerous “small” wars being fought all the time.

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