Coming Home to Ourselves

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  1. Eugene, I came across your website when I was researching body armour after a lecture with Ralf MurzanMurzan in London
    I really just wanted to thank you. Your website and video explain such difficult subjects so clearly and simply. I have been on this amazing journey of self discovery for a few years now, and I found your website so helpful. I have been trying to explain several aspects with my dear husband, but have found it quite difficult. Your website, I know, will really help me to share with him. What wonderful work. I am not a professional, but a wife and mother who needed help through grief, and without people like you I would be stuck in that awful place. Thank you, I have such a sense of gratitude on behalf of those you help through your work. Bless you.x

  2. Hello Olga
    Going through my website, I came upon your
    your kind words (written in 2014) again and since it’s still so relevant I’d like to make a further reply.
    I have also been greatly helped by healing words of wisdom. One dear friend said the words “Just Sit with It” in relation to staying present with our fears. She said this at a time when I was struggling with my own fears and it helped me enormously.
    So even though your issue was with grief (which I hope is now long healed) I’m so happy that my website articles inspired you.
    Yes our journeys of self discovery are profoundly fulfilling – despite the challenges along the way. If only we knew in advance that in passing through the “Dark Night of the Soul” we WILL emerge again with priceless gifts of wisdom, patience and many blessings.
    Thanks again for your lovely comment

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