Body Armouring

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When as children we’re faced with frightening or abusive people or situations that are beyond our ability to handle, often the only way we can cope is by tightening our bodies, holding our breath and turning our attention away to some dream reality. This is called Body Armouring and as children we do this automatically and unconsciously in our attempts to protect ourselves from an abusive outer reality.

The greater the level of abuse and dysfunction in our outer world; family, school, peer groups, neighbourhood, the more we need to defend and protect our fragile inner world.

This process of protection – tightening and tensing the same group of target muscles and organs is called Armouring, and occurs below the level of our conscious awareness.

Not only does this armouring block the flow of energy throughout the body, it also requires an enormous amount of energy to keep these walls of defense in place; causing illnesses such as ulcers, migraine headaches, backache and insomnia not to mention problems in relationships. The greater amount of armouring and protection we feel we need to cope with our lives, the greater levels of stress we generate.

As adults, we therefore need to find ways to become aware of these defenses as a means of releasing them. Psychotherapy helps people identify these deeply buried defences. Hypnosis then helps them reach beyond the controlling surface mind and release the emotional pain that created these defenses in the first place. In releasing this emotional pain, anger and fear, the physical tension held in the body is automatically released and in addition, all the energy that was formerly trapped and unavailable to them is then set free.

It is profoundly fulfilling to reconnect to our emotions and our true nature.

This freed up energy can then flow into our life in a creative, life sustaining way; when we no longer need to defend and protect ourselves, our relationships deepen and change, our capacity to be loving and affectionate greatly increases and new horizons in life open out for us.

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