Transforming Negative Beliefs into Positive Energy

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The damage inflicted by negative beliefs

Sometimes in our lives, we find ourselves tormented by cruel, self defeating beliefs and thoughts such as: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure”  “I’ll never be as good as John/Sue”, “I’m fat, ugly” etc. These destructive thoughts/emotions always seem to appear when we’re at our most vulnerable; when we’re tired, sick or stressed. Having a life of their own, these beliefs/thoughts can run in an endless repetitive loop at the back of our minds draining us of so much energy.  Often the very time when we need our strength and courage the most, these negative beliefs come to torment and diminish us.

Crazy though this seems, we attack ourselves with our own energy!

If we’ve grown up with a constant barrage of criticism or negative comparisons from a parent, teacher or even peer eventually (and unconsciously) we take over these negative, destructive tendencies and continue to berate ourselves.  It’s really important therefore to throw down this inherited whip, by becoming conscious of this negative tendency and finding ways to transform these negative beliefs into positive energy.

Technique for Change

These beliefs do most damage when we’re not fully aware of them, when they’re allowed to continue siphoning away our energy like a poisonous whispering in the background of our awareness. Therefore, the first crucial step in transforming negative beliefs into positive energy is to become conscious of these beliefs by writing them out.

People are always shocked by the poison of their self statements when they see them written out in black and white.

The next step is to catch these thoughts as they are occurring “I’m thinking these thoughts right now“,  “I’m allowing these negative thoughts to attack me again”. As you become more adept at this you are now going to consciously redirect your energy back within using the following exercise:

Find a few moments privacy so you can sit quietly and close your eyes. First of all bring your attention to the way you’re breathing – don’t change your breathing at all, just observe it.

Then scan down the length of your body and very deliberately and consciously relax, release and soften all the areas within that hold so much tension.  You’ll notice that these sensations of pain or tension are very familiar; a tight knot in the solar plexus, an unconscious lifting/tension in the shoulders, a clenched jaw.  If there are areas of pain or tension that cannot be relaxed/released, then simply allow these sensations to just be as they as they are (this is the exact opposite to pushing them away /ignoring them). Keep doing this for a few minutes until you feel a real opening and softening within.

When you feel a real shift towards relaxation and release, then return your attention to your breath and again just observe the natural flow of your breath.  Notice the way your breathing has changed.

Like anything of value, these simple steps need practise. To strengthen your intention, ask yourself “Do I want to get lost again in these negative thoughts/beliefs/emotions?” “Am I going to allow these beliefs to rob me of energy again?”

Transforming your Life

This simple technique can be used to gain mastery over any negative emotion such as anger, jealousy, fear or greed.  Working in this way requires a willingness to be honest with ourselves coupled with a non judgemental self acceptance. Only then can we make real, lasting changes in our lives.  What positive changes have ever come from years of berating/hating/condemning ourselves?

Now, instead of attacking yourself with your own energy, you can consciously choose what kind of thoughts/emotions to allow into your consciousness.

 You can use this transformed energy to nurture, empower and relax yourself.

Connecting deeply into the physical body in this way brings many benefits – we become so much more calm and grounded.  We become increasingly able to be aware of what IS instead of being lost in negative thoughts.  When our relationships with ourself improves and heals, our relationships with others are automatically affected in a very benevolent way.

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