Forgiving Oneself and Others

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When we release feelings of anger or hatred for another, we free up an enormous amount of energy that then becomes available to invest into other areas of our life. Do you ever notice that when you’re angry or resentful towards someone, your thoughts keep returning to that person or situation, again and again, dwelling on what was said or done, or even plotting revenge? This takes a lot of energy and leaves you with little or no peace.

Self judgment always stems from our own unhealed pain. “Just for today, I will not judge – starting with myself”

How are we interpreting an event?

  • Seeing it differently through the eyes of the adult” instead of the “child”
  • Giving ourselves permission to FEEL our negative feelings fully and accepting the emotional and physical pain that underlie them
  • Turning the story around – is it possible to feel compassion for the other person?
  • Releasing attachment to being the “poor me” victim thereby freeing up a lot of energy that was stuck in the grievance
  • From this forgiveness process, we gain many lessons and insights; the ability to see the situation from a broader perspective, with greater autonomy and deeper compassion
  • Re-investing our energy into more joyful pursuits; transforming our anger, bitterness and resentment into acceptance, appreciation, gratitude and mercy
  • Learning to live more in the Present Moment –resentment can only thrive when our thoughts are caught up in the past
  • Integration: making forgiveness part of who we are – full integration on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

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