Taking Responsibility – Embracing Change

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Open up New Horizons

The following is an amusing analogy that I came across some years ago – I don’t know who wrote it, but it illustrates how taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions opens out our life to new horizons of possibility:

I walk down the street – there’s a huge hole ahead. I fall in.

I rant and rave; “poor me”, “who made this wretched hole“, “how could this happen to me”. I yell and scream and demand that someone pulls me out. “I’m a poor helpless victim – it’s nothing to do with me”. I wait for someone else to pull me out.
It takes a long, long time, but finally someone comes to helps me out

I walk down the street – there’s the same huge hole ahead. I FALL IN!!!

I shout and scream: “Why me”, “They should know better than leaving this hole here”, “How am I going to get out of here?”
“What do I need to do to get myself out?”
I finally work my own way out

I walk down the street – there’s the SAME hole again. I see it, but I fall in anyway!

I’m really fed up with myself, but this time it’s different. I ask myself; “How can I get myself out”? “What did I do to end up down here AGAIN”, “How can I become more aware for the next time”
It doesn’t take so long this time, because I remember how I got myself out before

I walk down the street – there’s a huge hole ahead. I SEE THE HOLE – I walk around the hole.

I walk down another street

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