Generating Positive Outcomes

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There is a highly effective technique that I frequently use for generating positive outcomes when I feel I’m going to be challenged by a person or situation. This is to simply visualise a Ray of Light shining upon the future event to generate a “Win-Win” situation for all concerned.

Many of us face potentially stressful encounters with others; job interviews, business meetings, a confrontation with a friend or family member

So much can potentially go wrong! In wanting to clear up a misunderstanding, we can’t find the right words or we say the wrong thing entirely. We might even lose our temper and say things that can never be taken back!

Using a Ray of Light to Generate Positive Outcomes

Some years ago I felt burdened by a responsibility that should have been a joint venture shared with a friend. However, she went off on holiday and left me to organise it on my own. Some time later, after the event was over and my friend returned from holidays I still felt taken for granted by this. However because I really valued our friendship, I felt it was important to talk to her about this and clear the air rather than to go on harbouring unspoken negative feelings.

As I was setting out to walk to her house my husband said “Don’t forget the Ray of Light” So en route, I kept seeing the optimum solution – both of us reaching a deeply satisfying resolution, bathed in Divine Light. However, when I started to blurt out my feelings to her, my fear of confrontation was making my voice sound nervous and even angry. So, far from expressing myself, I was only compounding our misunderstandings. I felt cynical and mistrustful of her justifications and nothing was becoming resolved. Stalemate! Then I remembered the ray of Divine Light and imagined us both bathed in this warm, loving force.

The effect was immediate – it was as if the energy of tension and misunderstanding between us simply evaporated.

We simultaneously realised that we were both seeking a resolution and so, we were able to completely let off any grievance and move on. I tell this story because I feel it illustrates how very effective this simple technique can be. Of course, it also saves us so much stress and heartache in our lives.

A Positive Solution for All

My husband Peter ran a very successful business for many years and whenever he had a difficult meeting scheduled for the next day, he would visualise that meeting and all the people involved being bathed in a ray of Divine Light. He did this not just for a favourable outcome for himself, but for the best possible solution for all the people involved. He found again and again that what might have been difficult or stressful just flowed easily and to everyone’s satisfaction. Peter shared this technique with his friends and business colleagues and they in turn were amazed at its effectiveness. We can do this on behalf of another person as well – seeing them and their situation bathed and suffused in warm liquid light.

Generating Positive Outcomes

Light Dissipating Darkness

We live in a world where there are a great many people of goodwill. People doing their best to live decent lives; to be responsible for their relationships, their kids, and their families. Unfortunately, there are also people who are selfish and self absorbed, with total disregard for how their actions affect others. They haven’t yet learned that, sooner or later, you reap what you sow – that what you put out comes back to you. There are governments, corporations and world “leaders” for whom the abuse of power is routine; who believe that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that come what may, their only responsibility is for their own continued well being and self promotion.

Thoughts have energy: greed, anger, hatred, fear all pollute our atmosphere just as surely as poisonous emissions do.

We can’t see these clouds of negative thought forms but you don’t have to be very sensitive to feel them. Because we continuously live with this pollution, we tend to take it for granted. It goes unnoticed, yet the effects of it are very real.

The Light Within

It can truly be said that we are living in a state of semi-darkness: depression, disease and dissatisfaction with life often stem directly or indirectly from this soup of mental pollution in which we all exist. However, this darkness is only “semi” because of the Light that many people generate. How do they do this? By caring, by loving, by being compassionate, by consciously living their lives in a responsible way. Millions go through life quietly and without much outward show, yet they leave in their wake a sense of peace, happiness and unconditional love. Such people create a much needed balance.

If you want to make the world a better place, start by working on yourself. If you are sending out an energy that’s helpful, caring and with no thought of personal gain, love and goodwill will sooner or later flow back to you. Visualising this Ray of Light – imagining this Win-Win solution to your life’s challenges, will not only affect you benevolently, it will actually contribute towards dissipating the darkness of “man’s inhumanity to man”.

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