Discharge of Neural Aspects – The Basic Session

Discharge of Neural Aspects - DofNA

Releasing Cellular Memory

When we experience a lot of trauma in our lives, we become very out of touch with our emotions. We can get to a point where we can no longer tell the difference between emotion and feeling.

For this reason, we start the Basic Discharge of Neural Aspects Treatment by optimising your connection to your “Self”. This gives you a much stronger connection to your own power – enabling you to create clear boundaries and make choices that uphold your own integrity. Decisions and choices made from a weak emotional state, a state of fear, can have a very destructive effect on our lives.

Our habitual fearful thoughts and beliefs create their own agenda causing us to react in defensive, destructive ways that create so much havoc in our lives.

These fearful and often angry “knee-jerk” responses are created in the period from conception to the age of 20. During these formative years, in an attempt to protect our vulnerable inner selves, we have needed to “armour” and defend ourselves against a threatening outer environment. This physical and emotional armouring created originally to protect us, becomes with time, not only limiting but destructive.

There are numerous ways in which we strive to protect and defend ourselves, however these defences, this “armouring” actually keeps our past traumatic experiences firmly in place in our present lives. We then see the same vicious circles of dysfunctional behaviour patterns occurring again and again in our lives.

Influences from the past – Projections from others.

Throughout life we are influenced by others in countless different ways – some of these influences are merely superficial and passing. Others become deeply entrenched within us. Some of these powerful influences and beliefs can be very destructive and, being deeply ingrained within us, have formed shell like barriers that resist change. For instance, during our early impressionable years, we become easily programmed by the limiting dogmas and beliefs of others – our parents, our teachers and society. We may also become conditioned by religious dogmas that keep us in fear and limitation.

When others project their dogmas or prejudices onto us, they become lodged in our Light Body – our Aura.

Every living being is burdened by these dogmas – these projections from others and, because we’re not conscious of them, we believe them to be our own!!

These are belief patterns that NO LONGER SERVE US. But it is very hard to grow beyond these ways of behaving because they are so deeply ingrained within us and occur on a subliminal level.

During a DofNA session, we transform and transmute these attitudes of the soul, these projections from others.

Separating truth from illusion – Gut feeling -v- Conditioned responses

Often we create so many illusions around our true feelings that we can no longer differentiate between what is true and what is an illusion. For example, we may get an intuitive “gut feeling” that something does or doesn’t feel right – this is something to which we should really pay attention. However, we have become so swamped by the fearful illusions and conditioned responses from our past, that we are unable to hear this “small inner voice” of our true nature, our intuitive “gut feeling”. In this way our defences cause us to become even more out of touch with our true feelings, completely blocking our ability to be objective.

Ugly Duckling V Swan

When this defensive armouring and the thought patterns, beliefs and fears that underlie them become transformed – transmuted – it then becomes so much easier for us to break through our Sub Personalities; these stubborn patterns of defence that we have built around the original painful emotions. How does this happen? It happens when the emotional charge that underlies this entrenched pattern is removed – transmuted. This transmutation is done during a DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects) Basic Treatment.

Closing up the openings in the Light Body – Repelling others’ unwanted energies

Again as children when we are attacked, threatened or intimidated by another, this creates openings in our Light Body. These points of vulnerability in our aura, our energy field, are like the holes in a torn coat that let in the cold. In the same way, when we have openings in our energy field, they attract unwanted energies from other people. In the Discharge of Neural Aspects (DofNA) session, we close up and seal these openings – we transmute these vulnerable tears so that the unwanted energies of others are then unable to penetrate our aura.

Examples of others’ unwanted energies are:
  • People that burden you with their responsibilities
  • People that manipulate you
  • People who drain you of energy – leaving you feeling tired and dispirited

So often we are actually striving to work through the processes of other people!!

We may feel angry or tearful for no reason. We may feel that we “owe” that other person something, that we’re somehow responsible for them when what’s actually happening is that they are trying to influence and manipulate us through their projections. It goes without saying that these openings in our auras are a huge drain upon our energy and cause us much fatigue.

It is imperative that we take responsibility for our own problems – each and every one of us is responsible only for our own processes. However, in modern life, really clear boundaries are seldom in evidence. To a greater or lesser degree, we all either project our baggage onto others or are unconsciously burdened by the baggage of others.

As DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects) practitioners, when necessary, we release, transmute and discharge these emotional ties that bind. However, we only ever remove as much as your own Higher Self and your Light Body can safely assimilate.

The Vibrational frequencies of emotion – Like attracts Like

Sickness, trauma, fear, pain etc. all resonate at a certain frequency. This vibrational frequency or resonance is contained within the codes of our DNA.

For example, so often we want to change and step away from certain destructive patterns of behaviour. Why is it then that we still seem to continuously attract the same people and the same situations?

This is because we attract and draw into our lives people, events and situations that resonate to the SAME vibrational frequency as our own.

We want to move on, but these connections hold us back creating stagnation in our lives.

When these emotional blockages are removed, our radiance – our entire energy vibration – is automatically adjusted – our DNA codes adjust themselves. As our inner environment becomes uplifted and lightened this is immediately reflected in our outer environment. We notice that we begin to attract people and situations that we actually want to attract. We have a far greater degree of FREEDOM in our lives.

This means that we can be who we truly want to be, and no longer need to be constantly fearful of being judged, suppressed, or compared with others. A DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects) session also restructures your Light Body so that it can receive new frequencies of light to replace all that has been transformed and released from you. Through this, a much greater degree of Life Force Energy can be integrated into your life – your energy and vitality are greatly increased and you gain a much broader overview of your life.

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