Hypnosis a Solution to Rewriting your Past

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Hypnosis a solution to rewriting your Past

So often people carry their life story around with them like an energy sapping burden. They identify with the pain, trauma, drama and fears from their past to dictate their present life. This drains all the colour and joy from their present lives. Furthermore holding them back every time they want to progress in life.

Can our history be changed? Most definitely Yes!

Hypnosis  allows you to travel vertically down through time and rewrite the effect traumatic memories have upon you.  It is possible to go back to that traumatic experience that’s encoded in cellular memory and release the trapped, blocked emotion around it. In releasing the very emotions that needed to be expressed at that past time (but were suppressed instead), you free the magnetic charge that was trapped in that memory.. Hypnosis a solution to rewriting your Past


This can be done in several different ways – by Cutting the Ties that Bind from a past person or situation.  In releasing the very emotions that needed to be expressed at that past time but which we suppressed. With the intention to be set free, a powerful dynamic occurs. Far from simply reliving the past  you are releasing the emotional charge of blocked energy around it.

By crying the tears, expressing the anger and even venting the hatred from those past experiences, you free up energy from the cells of your body.

You  will still have the memory, but it in a diminished capacity. Finally relegating it to a distant memory. This works even with a whole set on recurring experiences, releasing the emotional charge, allowing the blocked feelings and the sensations changing in the body to be consequently lighter.  In this way, you can neutralise and change the way you remember your past.

Time truly has no dominion – we are masters of our own destiny.  We can rewrite our history. 

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