Hypnosis a Solution to Rewriting your Past

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Hypnosis a Solution to rewriting your Past

So often people carry their life story around with them like an energy sapping burden. They identify with the pain, trauma, drama and fear from their past.  This then dictates the shape of their present life, draining away all colour and joy.  In consequence, they are held back every time they want to progress in their life.

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Can our history be changed? Most definitely Yes!

Hypnosis allows you to travel vertically down through time and rewrite the numbing effect traumatic memories have upon you. Far from reliving the past,  I use hypnosis to help you bring the light of your conscious awareness to that past.

It is this deeper comprehension that then releases the blocked emotions that were trapped in your very being.

In every instance, many painful emotions have been suppressed during times of trauma, fear or confusion.  Therefore, by releasing these very emotions and replacing them with healing energy, you set free the magnetic charge that was trapped in that memory.

In this way, hypnosis is a solution to rewriting your past.


This can be done in various ways.  By Cutting the Ties that Bind from a past situation or person, you become detached and unburdened from useless negative aspects of that experience.

Through hypnosis, I also work in connecting my client to the very sensations that underly their suppressed emotions.  This gives so much space for that healing release to occur.

Releasing trapped Pain and generating Life Force Energy

In this way, the pain of blocked cellular memory can be replaced by beautiful healing light.  With the intention to be set free, a powerful dynamic occurs.  The energetic charge that was trapped in these emotions is set free.  Dr Brenda Davies explains this process very well in this brief video.

By crying the tears, expressing the anger and even venting the hatred from those past experiences, you free up energy from the cells of your body.

You will still have the memory but in a diminished detached capacity.

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Transforming Negative Beliefs into Positive Energy

Another method I use is to give my clients a very deliberate step by step method to quieten the continuous thoughts that limit, torment and diminish them.  Therefore they can then return their awareness to the present moment.  In this way, what they once obsessed about can finally be relegated to a distant memory.

This technique works even for a person who has suffered repeated abuse in their childhood. Emotional, sexual, physical or mental abuse; all need to be cleared.  It is necessary to become aware of these useless circular thoughts and the toxic beliefs that underlie them.  I use this dynamic method to break this unconscious connection.  Clients are then empowered to replace the negative thoughts/beliefs with a simple exercise.  In other words, they learn to refocus their awareness back to the present moment.

Releasing Resistance

People will always try to resist pain in the body.  This prevents them from relaxing into healing.  So in releasing this resistance, their blocked feelings can also be released.  Their body changes to a much lighter and more relaxed state.

Above all, many clients report knots of tension completely disappearing.

In conclusion, time truly has no dominion.  We are masters of our own destiny.  We can rewrite our history. 

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