Creating Your Highest Vision

Self Esteem & Confidence

Many years ago I was inspired by Shakti Gawain’s visualisation techniques and have used them often since. I particularly liked the Pink Bubble technique for creating your highest vision. This involves placing your vision into a beautiful pink bubble of light and then releasing it into the Universe.

Preparing the Ground – Gaining Clarity

First of all, it’s important to be very clear about what you want to create in your life. Really take some time to connect to your highest vision asking yourself “Will this bring fulfilment/happiness into my life?” If your vision is empowering and uplifting to yourself/others and/or the environment then it’s really worthy of the time spent to bring it about. On the other hand, manifesting more material “stuff” is seldom the answer to lasting happiness.

Launching your Vision

When your vision is clear, take some time to reach a deeply relaxed state in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Somewhere in nature is ideal. Focussing on the natural flow of your breathing is a very effective way to do this, progressively opening and softening your body. When you’ve quietened your thoughts and relaxed your body, you’re ready to begin.

A beautiful sunset to visualise inspiring you in creating your Highest Vision

Picture your dream as vividly as possible – use the power of your imagination to make this as real as you can.

Put yourself into the picture and see it in vivid colour.

While you can use this technique to attract an ideal partner or friend, it’s important to never use this technique to coerce another person or to cut across their free will.

Controlling another person in this way is just another form of manipulation.

Imagine how you will feel inside your body when your vision becomes real.

Deepening and Empowering Your Vision

Call upon the help of your Higher Self to deepen and empower your vision. Allow your vision to be fluid – not holding onto a fixed or rigid outcome. For instance, if images start to come all by themselves it’s a sign that your subconscious mind is working in harmony with your wishes. When your vision is strong, vivid and clear, when you can almost feel how your body, mind and emotions will respond, then you’re ready to encase this vision in a beautiful pink bubble.

Affirm to yourself, “This or something better will come to me”.

See your vision now continuing to move and express itself; alive and real, surrounded by a huge, bright, shining bubble of pink light.

Working with the Breath

Now imagine holding your pink bubble between your hands and when you’re ready, throwing it out and away. See it floating away from you, out of a window and moving further and further away until it’s a tiny dot in the sky that disappears into the distance. This means that you’re not holding onto or restricting your vision. You’re not placing any limiting expectations on how this will manifest in your life but are open to the unexpected. You are letting it go out into the Universe where it will gather the power it needs to manifest in your life.

The Power of Belief

It is said that when we fully believe in something, we can directly create it.  If you don’t believe this – look at how the opposite case affects your life.  Our deeply held (and unexamined) negative beliefs influence and control our lives in so many ways from behind the scenes.   We create dreary limitations for ourselves – our belief in illness brings lots of colds, flu etc.  If we believe  “I’m not good enough” this will profoundly affect our relationships with others.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Red rose held in black and white hands

Dr Joe Dispensa

Joe Dispensa tells the profoundly inspiring story of when he was in a very bad cycling accident – sustaining severe spinal injuries.  At this period in his life, he was at the height of his athletic strength.  After this accident, he had to face the possibility of surgery that would severely restrict his range of movements.  That’s assuming the surgery was successful – the other possibility was that he’d be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.  He describes a period of many weeks where he couldn’t move and was lying face down on a table.

Clear Intention coupled with Will and Vision

Instead of opting for surgery or wheelchair choices, he decided to visualise/intend/will himself out of this nightmare future.  Being an osteopath he had detailed knowledge of the structure of the spine.  So his healing journey consisted of holding his vision – clear and unwavering day by day for the length of time it took to visualise every one of his damaged vertebrae completely healed and functioning normally.

After several weeks, he began to experience a tingling feeling along the damaged area of his spine.  After several more weeks, he was up and walking around and in a few months returned to his previous level of fitness.

If every proof were needed of the power of intentional thought, of holding a vision and of connecting to our Will – Joe Dispensa’s transformation provides this.

Enjoying your Creation

Finally, you may be very surprised by the way this vision manifests itself in your life.  When we affirm “This or something better is coming to me now” – we literally open the way for that “something better” to arrive.  Never limit creating your highest vision by holding rigid expectations of “how it ought to be”.  Instead, hold the mindset of joyful expectation – confident that your vision will guide you to take the necessary and practical steps to help it become a reality.

A visual of train tracks between fields fading out into the distance, representing how your highest vision will travel out into the universe to gather the power it needs to manifest in your life.

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