Beliefs Create Reality – part 2

Neural Nets - Beliefs Create Reality

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Creating New Neural Nets

How can we make our very cells more responsive to absorb positive nutrients? How can we change the negative behaviours and fearful mindset that centres around illness?
Beliefs create reality.  In other words, we make this change by working from the inside out.  We change our reaction to our life and our environment.

This is the very first thing that we need to change.  Because it is only by changing our attitude towards ourselves and others that we can then alter our brain chemistry.  When we alter our brain chemistry, we create new neural nets. Neural nets which can then form around the concept of HEALTH and wellbeing.

Through concentration and focus, we can change and reverse our beliefs

We can then move away from the old negative familiar ways and towards a more self-nurturing, positive outlook.

Beliefs that Create Reality

In this way, even on a biological level, we create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality. As our cells divide and regenerate, they create new sister and daughter cells.  Imagine these new cells having receptor sites that are increasingly responsive to nutritious proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  They have a greater capacity to release waste products and toxins. Visualise and imagine these new cells that now support and strengthen our immune system.  In this way, they can now dynamically slough off disease, pain, and fear.

Language of Compression

From years of experience working as a therapist, I have observed how my clients, in describing their emotional and physical pain, use the language of compression. They use words such as tight, congested, hard, contracted, knotted, closed and blocked. These words describe an absence of space, a reduction in the free flow of energy and, on some level, a lack of self-love and appreciation.

We think of our bodies as solid forms occupying a certain amount of space. However,

On a microscopic level, there are vast spaces contained within our apparently dense bodies.

Within the atom, there is a huge space between the central nucleus and the electron orbiting its perimeter. Contained within this space there is an enormous amount of energy and information.

The Powerful Frequency of Thought & Imagination

So, what would happen if we were to consciously, deliberately and intentionally introduce a thought form, a belief that has a profoundly benevolent effect on the body? In the work that I do with my clients, I combine this scientific information with the power of the imagination. This is achieved by helping the person to visualise their body floating in a vast ocean of loving consciousness that is the pure intelligence of our Higher Selves.

When our conscious mind works in harmony with the more powerful deeper layers of our subconscious, we regain the power to heal ourselves. When we focus our entire consciousness upon these healing thought frequencies, we empower the body to regain its God-given right to abundant health.

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