Dysfunctional Behaviour

Overcoming Dysfunctional Behaviour

There are numerous ways past traumas affect our present behaviour and can cause dysfunctional behaviour; from panic attacks to depression, phobias to explosive anger. Traumatic experiences, no matter how severe, can be resolved by identifying and working with the deeper underlying imbalances that caused them in the first place. It is said that if we can’t, or don’t want, to deal with emotional pain (and here I include hatred, anger, jealousy, and grief), that blocked energy has to “land” somewhere. It is the physical body and in consequence, our behavioural patterns that carry the burden – there is nowhere else for it to go!

Behavioural imbalances that occur as a result of prolonged stress are the same as a warning light on the dash board of a car, telling us that something needs attention.

Clearing up the outer SYMPTOMS of dysfunctional behaviour is only switching off the warning light; the underlying imbalance hasn’t been addressed. In time, the trauma will resurface to manifest in some other form. Therefore I always work with dysfunctional behaviour by identifying the core issues that created this trauma in the first place. In resolving them, and setting the body free of this trapped energy, the outer behavioural patterns either go away of their own accord or can be successfully healed.

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