Stress Related Illnesses

Stress Related Illness represented by the image of Stormy Sea.

Psychosomatic Disorders

Behind every painful emotion, there is an unreleased energetic charge which eventually lodges itself in our physical bodies and creates blockages to the free flow of our energy.

The initial trauma occurs in the mind and the emotions; this then impacts on the physical body creating imbalances such as muscular cramps or digestive disorders, hypertension or insomnia. In this way, the body’s imbalances can cause illnesses that have their source in emotional pain.

Stress Related Illnesses – Identifying the Cause

Often our whole body can remain in a constant state of “danger/alert” waiting for the next perceived confrontation or problem. Sustaining this constant state of “flight or fight” requires an enormous amount of energy and leaves us tired, depressed and vulnerable to further anxiety attacks. For many people, this high level of anxiety sustained over years may seem like a “normal” state of being.

It is necessary therefore to identify and release the root causes of these fears and emotional imbalances, and in removing them, to discover a far greater ability to simply relax into the here and now.

Present moment awareness is (among other things) the ability to recognise that we’re holding unnecessary tension and stress in our bodies. We can then consciously and deliberately LET IT GO. In this way, we replace “knee jerk” tension with slow deep breathing and other awareness techniques. Not only do we break the unconscious cycle of defensiveness; we steadily reprogram our bodies to RELAX and LET GO – to eventually trust wholeheartedly in Life.

We begin to create a positive cycle of:

  • Recognising tension as it arises.
  • Using relaxation techniques: Deep Breathing, Quietening the mind, Present moment awareness
  • Reacting in more life supporting and positive ways.
  • Creating lifestyle changes that incorporate, for example, more exercise and better diet.

Guided Meditations to Combat Stress

Use this meditation as a guide to help you in your journey to becoming free of stress related illnesses and to help you become more relaxed and grounded.

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