Overcoming Depression


The numerous symptoms of depression range from relatively mild; where life has become dreary and joyless; to very severe where it’s an effort just to face the next day. In the first case, the person may not even know they’re depressed, while in the second they may even consider suicide as a way out of their suffering. Whatever the level of depression it affects all areas of life; mood, energy levels, sleep, appetite, libido and of course, relationships.

Depression can be physical, psychological and/or social in nature.
  • Psychological – past trauma/s that have never been resolved (to give just one example)
  • Social – low self esteem and self rejection, leading to increased social isolation.
  • Physical – Hormonal imbalances that occur while recovering from serious illness, post natal depression or during menopause.
  • Genetically inherited depression.

Depression can be caused by life traumas such as divorce, the death of a loved one, financial loss or illness. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy are highly effective means of treating the many forms of depression.

Therapies for Overcoming Depression

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In addition to Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, I frequently use the quantum healing technique Discharge of Neural Aspects. Its unique perception and insight bypass the resistance of the client’s conscious mind. This then enables me to work directly on releasing trauma from the client’s cellular memory. The Advanced treatment, reaches even deeper into the system to dissipate genetically inherited negativity. I have had great success working with depressed clients when using a combination of these skills.

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